04 GTO vs. 05 GT (From the GTO owner)

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  1. R/T-.085 / .337
    60ft-2.16 / 1.99
    330-5.878 / 5.807
    1/8-8.870 / 8.985
    mph-82.67 / 76.73
    1000-11.434 / 11.735
    1/4-13.593 / 14.046
    mph-105.18 / 97.76

    If it was a 5 speed I would be willing to bet he missed a gear. 76 mph is a very slow speed for a 8.9 in the 1/8 especially when you consider that it has stock gearing and streat tires. 1/4 speed reflects the same thing.
  2. At 3925 pounds, my 04 GTO needs every one of them!

    Last week playing at the track with drag radials...

    1/8 mile only pass:
    60: 2.033
    330: 5.817
    1/8: 8.880
    MPH: 80.71

    Best pass totally stock!

    1/4 mile pass:
    60’ 2.125
    330’ 5.944
    660’ 9.048
    MPH 79.25
    1000’ 11.736
    ¼ 14.005
    MPH 99.50

  3. Thanks for the honest info. on a stock GTO, EDC. :nice:

    Do you have an ATX or MTX?
  4. the above mentioned pics are of the re-designed 2006 GTO. GM would have released this version in 2005 (trust me they would have), but it was too quick of a turnaround with tooling and so forth. i like the '06 version a lot, and it will obviously have over 400hp. just damn expensive ;)
  5. It's an automatic... Just awaiting a nice torque converter and three inch exhaust...

    ~ As for being expensive, I didn't think so at all. It's one hell of a great car, with a lot to offer for $30k. But then again, that's why I bought it!

  6. after all the speculation is been generated all over the internet about the performance of the 05 GT, and after seen this videos, it would be so good to see what the owners of those 05 gt's on the videos has to say about those races. it would clear up a lot of misinformation.....i wonder where they are???, i wonder why they haven't show up yet????

  7. Maybe they don't live on the internet?


    And BTW, there is a GTO owner in Maryland who has a BONE stock M5 that runs 13.6 consistantly at the track.

    He even has proof of it.

    I would expect a 13.6-13.8 time from a GT shortly.
  8. yep, maybe :)
    i just thought with a new toy on the block, you just want to subscribe to a mustang forum and see what can yo do to improve the performance on your new 300hp car, specially if you are going to the tracks to see what times are you getting out of your new baby, and you know is a brand new redesigned chassis with more power than the old 2v GT.

    and yes, i agree with you, there is more out of that engine to see in the short time. 14's doesn't represent the true performance of that car, and we would see it soon :flag:
  9. That GTO has the following mods:

    2004 Black/Red M6-Mods: JBA titanium coated headers/Randon-Tech midpipes/K&N Aircharger/Taylor 8mm Spiro-Pro wires/NGK TR-55 plugs/Diablo Tuner

    As stated from another forum.
  10. I have a 2003 Z06 (LS6 engine and I'm keeping it when the stang gets here) and I know from the vette rags and Z06 site that the headers can make about 10-15 rwhp if they are long tube headers (short tube headers are 0 h.p.), Mid-pipes are good for about maybe 5-10 rwhp (I think) and a basic predator tune pulls about 10-15 rwhp (johan does a good job and has done much better with a custom tune). A C5 LS1 stock loses about 15% due to drive train. So, putting it together I bet the GTO was pushing about 350 + (7/.85) + (12/.85) = 372 at the flywheel and putting down about 316 rwhp.

    I don't have my '05 yet but I'll assume 15% drive train loss. So, the stang is putting down 255 rwhp. Considering approximately a 61 rwhp disadvantage and a brand new engine that race was probably closer than the GTO driver would like.

    Disclaimer: I'm not biased because I have both
  11. Hey Guys!

    I was there and watched those two '05s run and they sure look great in person. I wish I could report further information on their dragstrip performances but I can't. I know the two of them made at least a dozen or so passes between them and the black one (I think) had a little over 400 miles on it. I heard that the white one was a dealership demo and was out promoting the new Mustang and the dealership it came from, however, I don't know this fact for sure. Not to add any fuel to a fire that is thankfully now only smoldering, a stock 6MT GTO (with a K&N drop-in replacement filter) ran a 13.79 @ 102.3 just before the white Mustang ran its 14.02.
  12. I am the owner of the Z in the video.

    It was nice meeting the guy with black GT. I tried to look for him later in the staging lanes, but I guess he was done for the night.

    That was my worst run of the night, as I ended up launching in a little bit of water someone had brought up to the line on a previous pass. That gave me a horrible 2.4+ 60', followed up by the back end of my car spinning badly, and even fishtailing a little, as I went into to second gear.I lifted briefly to get the traction back, then tried to play catch up, still trapping over 100.

    That said I lost, but I am sure I will get plenty of re-matches over the next few years.:)

    My best time of the night was a 13.9, while I was running the Yellow GTO, and my best trap was a 101.2. Previous best was a 103 during very cool weather at Steele. The car is stock right now, but the mod bug is going to get me soon.

    It was nice meeting the Mustang guys, and the GTO guys, see you all at the track.:)
  13. Good to meet you too. :nice: There are 2 350Z running here that are both in the high 13's fairly stock. They seem to run nicely. They have a few superchargers out for them now and I would love to see one run with one.

  14. I race my friends 350Z every week. With the colder weather he just got a new best of 13.824. They are a bit harder to launch but he does trap 104 sometimes. Fun cars and they stick to a corner like glue . Nice race :nice: .
  15. my name is Bryan, i'm the owner of the 05 gt. thanks for the race, i saw someone post that i must have missed a gear. i didnt but i did hit the rev limiter in second, probably only slowed me a tenth any way. someone else commented on my reaction times, my other 3 runs were .004,.020,and .036. the car hooks good but needs to be broken in bad.it also was 3770# with me in it. my first run was [email protected] with a 2.1 sixty. i circle tracked the car so all the runs were hot, i think it will run better next time out. to whoever has not driven one, it takes some getting used to. its atotally different feel than my other mustangs
  16. Hey thanks for your post Bryan and thanks for running your Stang at the track! :nice:

    Are you the white or the black GT? Not clear from your post.

    Also, did you see the thread about someone who claimed to run a 13.5 @ 102 by short shifting @ 5,400 RPM?
  17. i have the white one, and i just read the other post. i thought about trying that.
  18. :nice: :nice: :nice:

    We're living vicariously through you right now. Anxiously awaiting your next night at the track when you're more familiar with your '05 Stang and get a chance to try some other shift points and launch techniques. :hail2:
  19. Yeah, it is all up to you if I buy a GT! :D
  20. I have a few bolt-ons but mostly for better sound. The stock GTO that was there ran a 13.78 or so. You have to remember that the GTO is on the portly side as far as weight. My race weight as per the dragstrip scale was 3855lbs and I'm sure I read that the new GT is b/t 200-300 lbs lighter (correct me if I'm wrong).