04 GTO vs. 05 GT (From the GTO owner)

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  1. Uh no, those pics are of the '05 exactly like they will look. The '05 will have the 400 HP LS2. They should start getting to the US in 2 or 3 months (I hope). The '05 should also be very close the the price of the '04, maybe $1k to $1.5K more.
  2. yes i did powershift
  3. Run the number in the coupe!!!

    Quote from bryanzstang: i am going to try it again this friday night, this time with some cooldown and not so much gas in it. i was going to try to take advantage of the cool weather to get my 93 lx into the 10s on motor and drag radials, but i think all my friends would shoot me if i didnt show up with the 05. :bs:

    Don't be a girl! Get the 93 in the 10's! :hail2: I would be more impressed with that number than a stock 05.

    Living vicariously! Get your own car people! The 05's are awesome, and you know this... man!

    Run the number! Listen to the Original King of Kentshire! :uzi:
    Other than all that Good Run!
    See you later