Mach 1 04 Mach 1 times

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  1. Well here are the numbers. I think they are pretty respectable considering that the car is completely stock right down to the paper air filter and stock shifter. What do you guys think?


    280.3 hp
    301.3 ft lbs torque

    1/4 mile time:

    13.764 @ 103.24
    2.200 60 ft
  2. Dyno numbers look about right for a stock Mach 1. You need to work on your launch at the track though. Get that 60' down to a 2.0, and you should be in the low 13's and a couple of mph faster in the traps! :nice:
  3. That was on a Dynojet, right?
  4. When I ran my car I couldn't get a good 60 FT for the life of me, but I think the 86 degree weather and high humidity played a big part in that, I kinda ran a similar time with a 2.24 60 13.56 @105.1

  5. Yes
  6. Ok.....two questions.......what were you launching your car at when you were stock? My best time was 2.118 and I launched right about 2000, maybe a bit more. And my last question, i'm curious as to how your car sounds with the borla catback and stock H-pipe on there. Does it sound really good with just the stock H-pipe?
  7. My best stock runs were accomplished by just slipping the clutch out easy, just like I would do on the street pulling away from a stoplight or a stop sign, then nailing it. Anything more than that, and the Goodyears would spin really bad! I have to give alot of credit to the track prep/conditions also. Plus you have to look at the fact we're in two different worlds, Texas heat vs East Coast cool, crisp spring air makes a world of difference! I do most of my track runs in the spring or fall when the air is cool and less humid. As for the exhaust, I think it sounds great. I had a Magnaflow o/r X-pipe on when I purchased the Borla, and it was just way too nasty loud!!! Obnoxiously loud would be the way to describe it! It also killed my low-end torque for some reason, the car just wouldn't pull as hard down low. So I put the stock H-pipe back on and that restored my low-end and cut down the noise to a tolerable level. At idle, sounds very burbly, mid to full throttle, lets people know you mean business. :nice:
  8. Yeah, I've been wanting exhaust for a while on my car, and I know exactly what I want but I don't have the money for the full exhaust system. I want a Borla catback system with Bassani catted X and later on BBK headers, but I only have money for the Borla right now and I didn't know if I should wait until I can buy both the X and the Borla or if I should go ahead and get the Borla. Sounds like just having a stock H-pipe with Borla would sound awesome. So i'm thinkin i might ahead and get the catback system until I have money for an X-pipe.........but as the track times, yeah I live in an area where it really isn't that great of a place to try to get your best 1/4 mile. The altitude hurts quite a bit and the track we have here isn't too great. The pavement is too slippery and you can't hook up that well. The only good thing about this area is that it isn't very humid at all.
  9. With stock tires u shouldnt' drop the clutch. Just feather the clutch out of the hole and then nail it when it hooks.

    Now with Nittos, u need to launch higher or it will bog. Too high and it sticks and u can easily break an axle....common on MAchs
  10. Too high and it sticks and u can easily break an axle....common on MAchs[/QUOTE]

    Really? I've never heard of anyone breaking an axle on a mach or any live axle car above the 11's

    Jester broke his and has video of it.

    I have heard of more than 10 people that have broke axles with MAch 1s with drag radials and launching higher than 2500 rpm.
  12. Don't Mach's come stock with 28 spline axles? I think most serious Mach drag racers have or had to upgrad to 31 spline axles. Something Ford should have done from the factory.
  13. I've been wanting to borrow my friends Nitto Drag Radials off of his GT for the track so i could launch better but I've heard and read so much about stock Machs with just drag radials or slicks breaking axles that it makes me a little paranoid about trying out those Nittos......I think i might have a little trouble with warranty if i broke an axle......
  14. I have done several passes with Drag radials, I just don't launch too high which hurts some.
  15. Hey new best for me

    13.34 @ 106.01

    60ft 2.22
  16. Man get the 60' down and your flying high. I have the packs how much louder with the catted X. I like to try it but I afraid in maybe too loud for me, I don't want every cop around to get advance notice :rolleyes:
  17. I have never been bothered by a single cop for my exhaust, everyone loves the sound, and everyone turns there head to see whats coming down the street. No one has every told me my exhaust is annoying loud, just a deep tone so it carries. In order to get my 60ft time down I think i'm gonna get Upper and Lower Control arms, I just suck at launching, and yes I do slip the clutch....then again it is on the factory rubber which is a bit tricky. I was very surprised what I ran considering I had a 2.2 60ft. My goal for now is to break into the 12's doesn't seem to far away :banana:
  18. tried the link, no workie
  19. 2004 Mach1, Auto, Bone stock including air cleaner and stock factory tires, 7,000 on odom. I ran 13.87 with 2.01 60. But only Dynoed on a Mustangdyno 233 :notnice:
  20. That might sound low, but that is a correct Mustang dyno run if you ask me. I only dynoed 250RWHP on a Mustang Dyno with a CAI and a Catback, and mine is a 5 speed.