04 Mach vs 01 Cobra Conv.

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  1. Getting ready to look serious and thought I had made up my mind on a 04 Mach 1. They have $3,000 kickback right now, and have found about 3 -4 at every Ford dealer around me. While at the dealer closest to my house, I walked in the showroom and they have 2 - 01 Convertible Cobras, one with 6,000 Red, and one with 8,000 miles Black (both very-very clen). Asking $23,500. Now I'm screwed up and want some input.
    Mach 1 - Limited production, Nostalgic, Great deal, probably as fast as I need.

    Cobra - Limited, very cool, seems like a good deal, probably as fast as I need.

    I'm sure eventually I will mod. My Bro in law says the Cobra and put a blower on it.
    I'll take it to the track a couple of times a year. I had a 66 Fastback that ran 13.20's back in the 80's, and that seemed fast, haven't done much since then, but used to love to hangout on Wed nights.
    I'm sure I'll be happy with either, but let me know your thoughts, especially on the 01 Cobra (performance, reliabilty etc.)

  2. Mod for mod, the Mach will always be faster and it'll come with a new car warranty...
  3. You really cant go wrong with either. The vert's might be better for you since it wont see the track a whole lot, but the Machs live axle will definately help at the strip. The Cobra's IRS is great for those imperfect roads. The Mach will probably get more attention (good and bad) and a shaker is one of the coolest things a car can have. The Mach should waste a 01' Cobra from a stop and will take it from a roll. I put about 2 cars on a 99' Cobra vert from 45-120 and i only had like 2000 miles on it at the time. Also look around for the problems some 01' owners were having with the infamous ping. Either way you'll be happy.
  4. Either one is going to be fun to drive for sure, but there are some aspects that I view that hopefully can add some to the decision making.
    Aside from the fact that the 01 is a convertible, I don't really see there being that big a performance difference between the two to make a big deal over. Sure, the Mach 1 may be a bit stronger across the board, but not by a huge difference. Of course, the Cobra does have the independent rear, which in my view is invaluable to make for a comfortable driving car on the street. There will be no comparison in the handling characteristics as the IRS absorbs every kind of bump and pavement imperfection. The IRS gives a superior feel over the solid rear. There is the wheel hop issue with some IRS-equipped Cobras, although I've had mine for over 2 years and I've only wheelhopped once.
    Then there is the appearance. I like the Cobra's unique styling qualities. I know I may catch some flak for saying this, but the Mach still looks too GT-ish for my tastes as it shares enough of the body pieces that most folks may not immediately recognize the difference. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the Mach 1 enough to say that I'd probably go with that if I were in your shoes as I'd rather have a full factory warranty, but I would not trade my 01 Cobra for a Mach. My satisfaction with the 01 is too great to sacrifice the things about it I love most.
    One other superficial detail just for gas pump conversation is its always nice to pop the hood and show your handbuilt 4.6 DOHC and further note the block is Italian...and you gotta love the Cobras on the fenders!
  5. Sorry, but like I said, mod for mod the Mach will always beat the 99, 01 Cobra, all else being equal. And you will experience wheel hop if you ever get on it enough. Besides, the ride with the solid rear is not bad at all. I actually have a lot more fun on the road with the solid rear than with the IRS...
  6. Sorry........ Cobra. :hail2:
    Hands down.
    Go and drive each one and then decide for yourself. At least that's what I did........... also tried a Roush Stage II and a Bullitt.......and I have 0 regrets.
    I mean don't get me wrong, the Mach is a hella upgrade from the GT........ and you're still getting the 4v engine, live axle and all, but c'mon man......... we're talkin' about an '01 Cobra. The absolute rarest production year of all for the domestic 4.6 Cobras, and the last Cobras doin' it on ALL MOTOR.

    Go ahead and call me biased, 'coz I am.
  7. Well here is my unbiased opinion on the subject.

    #1.. the 01 cobras had some problems and is apparent if you talk to some owners of them. not all but some, hence the reason they didnt make an 02 cobra, they took the time to straighten thier **** (correct me if im wrong please)

    #2.. the cobra is not as fast as the mach 1

    #3.. the cobra does not respond as well to mods as the mach 1

    #4.. the cobra does not have a shaker hood which cannot be bought (correct me if im wrong again) and looks cool as hell

    #5.. the mach 1 will have a factory warr. which is what 3 year 36000 mile? i donno thats what it was on most chevys so it will have a longer warranty, assuming the cobras are even still covered

    #6.. The mach 1 i believe is a more comfortable ride for some reason, my friend has a mach 1 and a 01 cobra and an 03 cobra, i have driven and ridden in both and for some reason is smoother and the interior is more comfortable

    but then again theres nothin like a cobra, and then again again theres nothin like a mach 1, drive em both ponder em both and keep all these things in mind.

  8. I say go for the Cobra.

    I just bought a 2001 Silver hardtop with warranty until Oct. Next year for 20,100. I have not had too much time to drive it yet, but I do like it and have a few things in mind...catback, and some under coating rust proofing...maybe a short throw shifter, cobra shift knob and doors sills, floor mats, and maybe, maybe a ram air hood.

    So to say the 01 will not have warranty may not be true, ask if they have any left. Mine did/does.

    I drove from IN to PA and picked it up and drove it home.

    It was interesting reading the above that the 2001 is the most limited production 4.6l DOHC year? Good deal...I still need to get my build number and date for my car, hopefully I will remember to get that soon.
  9. As an owner of both an 01' Cobra and a 03' Mach1 I would say go the convert if you are not going to track the car. Nothing better than to go out with the top down on a nice night. The chicks dig it too. If you are married ask your wife which one you should get..

    As toot eh Mach being more responsive to mods. Hmmm. I not really sure about that one. The 01' Cobra does really well with bolt on mods. The solid axle is a benifit for the drags but the IRS is really nice. The wife thinks the Mach is a smother ride but I think she is wrong. (I am glad she doesn't read these sites)

    If you have to have a Shaker Hood they do sell them aftermarket. In the latest MM&FF they have a big add about building your own Mach.

    As the fact that it is not as fast. Well, I have seen many 01' Cobra's running 13.6's in stock form.. Now the Mach will run a bit better time. I have seen many 13.2's.. Now you have to consider that the Mach does have the 3.55 to the Cobra's crappy 3.27. Will the gear change drop you .4? Maybe, maybe not..

    Drive them both and see which one makes you happy. You will not go wrong with either one. They are both great cars. The key is to test drive both and check for any issues. High speed test too. The sales rep. may not like it but oh well. My 01' has had a highspeed vibe since day one. They car is now being replaced because of it. I really love the 01' Cobra but I recieved a deal that I could not refuse. Or a lot of people would be calling me stupid.(More so than they already do call me stupid)

    Bottom line. Drive the three cars and pick the one that you like the best. That is the best advise I can give you. Either way we will welcome you to the board with open arem and help you on your way to ultimate ninja power. Oops. Wrong site.. Wil will help you get your car up to full speed.

    Hope this helps.
  10. Thanks for the replys. Pretty much summed up what I have been assuming thinking. When I go to test drive (next week), what should I be looking for on the 01 Cobras? Any advice?

  11. #1 The reason there was no 02 Cobra was due to the switch over to early 03 production and had nothing to do with the 2001 Cobra.

    #2 In most cases, that would appear to be accurate.

    #3 That appears to be inaccurate.

    #4 I think Classic Design Concepts sells the same (or similiar) shaker setup.

    #5 The factory warranty is indeed 3/36 unless you buy an ESP warranty preferrable through Ford. Mine is covered through 5/75 on the ESP.

    #6 Maybe...maybe not. I'm only speaking from my experience that the solid rear Mustangs I've owned never handled nor rode like a IRS-equipped Cobra.

    Also to respond to the other post about you will wheelhop...I've been on mine hard many times and I've never wheelhopped from a stand still. Of course, its not a track car (which seems to contribute), she's all stock and I don't do 3000rpm clutch dumps, but under rapid acceleration, I've never seen off the line wheelhop and I've only gotten wheelhop between a hard 1-2 shift once. Mine just hooks right up and goes.
  12. I say cobra, 'cause can a Mach 1 ever look as good as this cobra 'vert?
  13. I think that the 99-01 respond to mods as well as the Machs (See Sig for Mods vs. RWHP).

    The 3.55 vs 3.27 may not yeild a .4 but the combination of a solid w/3.55 vs. the IRS w/3.27 will.

    IMHO, they are equal cars with diferent atributes.

  14. Be more then happy to. They didn't make a 00 because they wanted to get the problems solved from the 99 debacle. They did make a 00R.

    They skipped the '02 to work on the '03, and we have all seen the results of the work.
  15. EXACTLY. that about sums it up. my bolt on 01 vert is at 320rwhp & 314rwtq as we speak. Put gears in the 01 and start dusting Machs' . I do! :nice:
  16. The Mach is neat, but the Cobra is better. It is a bit higher strung and loves to be driven in the higher rpm range. If you want to quicken it up, 3.73 or 3.90 gears will do for the street and 4.10s or higher if you are going to take it to the strip. The slightly added weight of the 'vert brings it down around a tenth or two, so the gear change would be beneficial. No difference in the IRS or the stick axle until you hit rough pavement or a road course. Then the IRS shows it's superiority. If you take them out on a road course or a nice, twisty, side road, the Cobra would come out on top, IMHO, no matter what gear it has.

    As has been said, CDC offers the shaker hood scoop. I saw a Cobra with one at a Ford event at Milan Dragway. It looked kind of sharp. A matter of taste on this one, I guess.

    As for the interior, the Cobra wins hands down. The seats are nicer, the dash is nicer. The Mach has those "comfort weave", or whatever they call them, retro seats. They are nicer than the stock 'Stang seats, but don't come close to the '01 Cobra seats, unless you have a big can. The Cobra dash has the white face SVT gauges that have a real cool green glow at night. The Mach has the retro gauges, which I think look kind of goofy, with white numbers on a black background. The dial is too small and makes the numbers look smaller and skinny. The original Mach had a bigger speedo and was easier to read.

    Now to the rims. The Cobra rims look much better. Ford tried to copy the original Mach rims but came up short. There is no inset or dish to them. The dish of the Cobra rims make them look wider and actually look better when you go up a tire size or two.

    The topper on your choices is that the Cobras are convertibles. There is nothing like a drop-top on a gorgeous day. I wouldn't own a Cobra if it wasn't a convertible, no matter how much I like them. I would be in a T-Bird, BMW, Merc or the like.

    Buy the black Cobra. The red they used in '01 doesn't compare to the Rio Red like my '99 Cobra 'vert had. The Rio is way richer. I parked my '99 next to an '01 red Cobra when they came out and also next to an '03 Torch Red one, which is why I bought a black '03. The Rio Red really makes the other reds look a bit orange side by side. If you like that sort of red, by all means, get it. It just isn't my style.

    The choice is yours, Boss. If you want a car for stop-light to stop-light blasts or that you can take to the strip and will run with the LS1 boys, get the Mach. If you want the more versatile, better all around performer with top-down, summer fun capability, get the Cobra.

    :flag: :nice:
  17. Since I traded-in an '01 Cobra convertible (had 9000 miles on it - I was the original owner) for my '03 Mach 1,
    here's my opinion:

    Mach 1:

    Torque, Torque, Torque
    (AMAZING what ~ 15 - 20 extra rwtq throughout a lot of the RPM range feels like!)

    HIGHLY under-rated power & torque
    (See dyno sheet below - the Mach is making ~ 331.3 fwhp & 359.5 fwtq!!! So much for the factory rating of 305 fwhp & 320 fwtq... :D )

    Solid Axle (better for drag racing & weighs ~ 90 lbs less!)

    Nice interior (Bullitt SS pedals/shift knob/gauges/etc)


    3.55 gears stock

    Limited production

    '01 Cobra:

    Little low-end torque (compared to the Mach 1, and just about any other modern V8 BTW)

    IRS (better handling & ride quality, but weighs more)

    Nice interior (Same seats as the Mach 1 with different material)

    3.27 gears (not real optimum for the weak low-end power - get 4.10's or higher IMMEDIATELY!)

    Convertible (Nice when it's warm & sunny outside, but heavier, noisier & more body flex)

    More stealthy look (May or may not be what you're after - the V6 stangs now have the '01 Cobra hood BTW)

    I LOVED my Cobra the entire time I owned it, and have no regrets buying it & driving it for 2 years.

    With that said, the Mach 1 is an evolutionary step UP from the '01 Cobra
    in most every way with the exception of handling, and that can be fixed with a few aftermarket suspension parts.

    My Mach 1 feels faster than my '01 Cobra did, and the Cobra had ALL the available bolt-ons including 4.10 gears/full exhaust with headers/tubular K-member/etc...
    I raced the Cobra with all the mods & best i ever did was 13.04, and I've hit 13.43 with the Mach 1 BONE-STOCK.
    (1/4-mile times may not mean as much to you though...)

    Mach 1 all the way! :hail2:

    PS: Why don't you ask this same question over at Mach 1 Registry & see what kind of opinions & responses you receive???


    I've personally owned both, and I couldn't agree with you less...
  18. This is a silly argument. Whatever you can do to your '01, you can do to the Mach and with the new heads/cams, it just might repsond better.

    Put some gears in tha Mach, and let's see the dusting.

    Angus No offense, but limited production??? They made so many of them in '03, they had to discount the crap out of them at the end of the year to make room for the '04's.

    You won't see any benefit from the so called limited production for many, many, many, many years, if at all.

    Look at prices of 1970 428 CJ's if you done't beleive me.
  19. They made 9652 '03 Mach 1's, and a little less than 9000 '01 Cobras.
    Even though the Mach's sat on lots (which doesn't exactly reflect how many were made, just how many were selling per month),
    I'd still say that the '03 Mach 1's were limited production.
    Maybe not as limited as the '00 Cobra R, but still less than a typical production vehicle.

    FWIW - I saw just as many '01 Cobras on the lots in '01 when I went to buy mine - the dealer I bought at had 12 of them (not including mine).
    When I bought my Mach 1, the most any dealership had (in my area) was 4.

    I simply noted the limited production because the original poster seemed interested in this aspect of both cars.

    I personally could care less about collectibility - I bought mine to drive, race & enjoy (not live in a plastic bubble awaiting future re-sale for way more than i paid).
  20. Cobra

    Go with the Cobra. Drive it and you'll see. The IRS is worth the difference and the smoothness in the top end will sell you. Shift at about 6200 rpm on the Cobra. The 99's and 01's (Cobra) are virtually identical.