04 Mach vs 01 Cobra Conv.

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Kafn8, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. I say you go for the Cobra because of: Looks, Quality, Sound, Power, and because it is made by SVT. Not just an ordinary Ford Engine.

    The conversations about the speed and power of the Mach 1 over the Cobra got out of hand. The Mach 1's are newer yes. So compare it with the 03 Cobra.

    I just say go for the powerfull 01 SVT COBRA.

    I got a 98 Cobra and I say they are awsome.
  2. Update to my first post.. The Mach is really turining me. The wife is driving my car while I change the oil and all that kind of crap on her Mach. Man is the Mach nice. The throttle response makes me feel bad about my 01' Cobra. It by far feels better than the Cobra. The snap when you hit the gas is just that, a gas. Man, I might just buy another one for me after I get the 03' Cobra. THese cars are nice. Not even a squeek out of the car. It was built very well. We will not even go into the issues I had with the Cobra. No sour grapes. I love the Cobra and always will. Just the Mach has made a very special home there too. It handles like a dream. I was so impressed with the handling with the solid axel. I expected it to be more like the Bullitt. It by far surpasses the Bullitt and will make a great Autocross car, maybe even a good OT car.