40th Anniv 04 Mustang Taillights

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by traveller, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. i need some professional advice.
    about a year ago, i decided to buy splice in sequencers for my rear tail lights on my 2004 mustang. they came with a socket that you have to put on with three wires coming out of it. i used the socket that came with the kit and the other two, on the car. after it rained or i took the car through the car wash, i noticed my lights would fog up on the inside and there would be water on the inside of the lenses. i took them out and re dried them and put them back on. they still continued this. than, i put silicone around where the sockets go into the tail lights and they were still fogging up and getting water in them... i got to the point where i just drilled holes in the bottom so the water could escape but they still fog up. i thought it was the seal of the lights but they never did this before i put the sequincers on. i am thinking about taking the sequencers off, putting the factory sockets back on and getting a new pair of tail lights.
    can someone help?
  2. Consider posting this over in the 4.6 Talk/Tech. You'll most likely get more responses.

    I say use it as an excuse to get some nice smoked taillights from AmericanMuscle :nice: