SOLD 04 PI Heads and Intake, Look AMAZING!

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  1. PI Heads and intake that came off a 2004 4.6 model. Everything is SUPER CLEAN! I had the heads mounting surfaces cleaned with professional tools that use a plastic material to clean, NOT sand paper or metal brushes. Intake has the updated aluminum crossover. Looking to get $550 for all. I'm in Colorado.

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  2. Please list asking price per forum guidelines.

  3. $550 shipped, I did put that in there. I can see how that doesn't pop out at you very well. Next time time I'll try to separate the price front the paragraph.

  4. Ahh I see the problem. I'm in the dark skin and your post is formatted with black text (invisible). I'll fix it.

    Thanks for taking a look at it though. :)
  5. Sale pending...
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