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Mar 28, 2019
So, I am new to this site and new to mustang ownership (three days as i'm typing this). I bought my new to me 04 mustang gt deluxe! Love everything about it. But i figured something wasn't right. Well it turns out after look at a few different things and confirming my 04 mustang gt is actually a 40th anniversary trim. Which is awesome. Crimson red and all.

Now the problem being is that recently in its life it had gotten repainted. In doing so while the paint looks good, THEY COVERED THE STRIPES (as in just painting over). All of them the hood, roof, trunk, door/fenders. Now the ones on the front of the hood have been removed and roof. But the scoop and trunk lid are still there. Since my stang is a 40th i want to do it right. I want the strips and all. But with some being there i'm not sure what to do. I would guess get them redone but honestly not sure.

Been told there's a possibility to save them. But personally i don't think you can considering they are vinyl and have been painted over.

Then comes the main question, Are 04 stripes painted on or vinyl wrapped?
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Jul 20, 2014
Taylorsville ky
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Welcome to Stangnet :SN:

Also-I really don’t think any reputable/professional paint / body shop would paint over vinyl stripes. I’d imagine the paint would crack-chip-and lift as the solvents from the paint shrink and distort the vinyl.