04 v6 - tlok rear?

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  1. Hey guys.. i have a quick question... Are the 04 v6's coming fro the factoy with a limite slip rear end? I ask because i am drivng one for the weeknd, to see if i want to buy it or not... so, naturally, i had to see what it can do.. Not too bad! somewhat better than my 98 w/ $600 into it! But what suprised me is that when i launched or stood on it, both rear tires lit, and left 2 solid blck stripes, instead of the 1 i am used to.. Of couse, the right tire did burn more than the left, but still.. both!!
  2. No TLok on the V6's
  3. cheap bastards
  4. What is the T-lock do? Does shut down the traction control when you want to accelerate heavily to gain speed quickly like you would do from a full stop or when drag racing? I thought that T-lock works by shutting off the traction control switch.
  5. A T-Lok, as it's referred to, is a limited slip differential. In the technical construction of it, there is a large spring, pushing against clutch packs that are interlocked with the carrier, that are then interlocked with the axles. They keep you from doing a one wheel spin when you can't get traction, yet still allow the wheels to move at slightly different speeds when you are going around curves and what not, they give you better traction, and more fun on wet ground.
  6. One kid was telling me when I take turns that it will clunk becase of the locker (tlock). is that true?
  7. Thats only on Detroit locker styles, where it has a bunch of teeth that interlock to give the best launch, mostly for drag racing, yet still allows turning without dragging tires. The clutch style is very smooth. No noise as long as theres proper friction modifier in it. Mine's very quiet

  8. Ok, spare the technical mumbo-jumbo. TLok keeps you from doing a one-wheel burnout. On non-tlok equipped cars (V6 stangs), when traction is lost all power is diverted to the rear-right wheel while the left-rear wheel gets NO power. A Tlok keeps power to both wheels even when traction is lost.
  9. All ford's traction control does is electronically reduce timing and adjusts fuel ratios when it senses that the tire is slipping to stop the slippage. Traction control has nothing to do with the rear end.

    The t-lok is actually what is contained in the rear end, and locks the two axles in under hard accel rather than letting only one tire spin as with an open diff (what v6's have)
  10. Ok, so do you think i have a factory freak? Because i leave 2 black stripes anytime i get them spinning..
  11. When my v6 didn't have T-lok it did that occasionally. VERY rarely though. I think the wheel was just lookin for traction, and then got it, and then continued to do a 1 wheel peel.
  12. OFF TOPIC: Stangy Stealth, where exactly in West Texas are you located?
  13. Volldamort.. I am in Lubbock..