'04 V6 vibration

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  1. Just picked up a 2004 Mustang 3.9 V6/automatic. I like it. Quite a bit more comfortable than the other car is. Anyway-I have noticed a vibration, more at lower speed, say between 5 and 20 mph. Feels kind of like U-joints to me. I notice it more under acceleration. I haven't tried it wide open yet, just 1/4 throttle and less. It's got 270,000 miles on it. Feels more frequent than a tire or rim. Feels like a U-joint to me but A V6/auto tearing up a U-joint? Kind of hard to believe...PLUS most of the time a U-joint vibrates mostly at highway speeds, not accelerating or decelerating, just holding a steady cruise. This thing is low speed, accel only.

    Next question-the Odometer is junk, sometimes works sometimes doesn't. What's the options on these? Replace dealer only? Junkyard? I ASSume the PATS module is built into the cluster, if I decided to go JY route? And I assume that it needs dealer assistance to install?
  2. My keeped vibrating at high and low speeds and decelerating it was my ball joints dey were badly worn out ....

    On the odometer , the gear inside the cluster might have broken , don't get em from the junk yard der usaully worn out or fragile and they will brake when your taking them out.. it is fairly easy to install just remove your cluster and you'll see the gear behide the odometer
  3. with the odometer its caused from pushing the reset button while driving and the gears strip each other out, i got mine from a junkyard and it works great, but you can't get the miles put on it unless you take it to a dealer and have them rotate the odometer, you just need to have a torx bit and then unplug the wires from behind and it will come out, when you take it out you should be able to see wheather or not its the gear or if it is something other. there should be 2 torx bits on the top of the plastic covering the instrument cluster and then 4 holding it in place, and then 8 holding the cluster together, you can take the cluster apart without hurting it but just be sure not to move the needles, and there is 3 guage sections and they will pull straight out from the plastic backing.
  4. I was at the junkyard...found a 2004 Mustang cluster was out/broken. There is not a gear one inside the cluster. All electronic. I haven't had mine out yet but I assume it is the same.
  5. Is this what the back of yours looks like right now,

    If so then you need to turn it over and take the front cover off, then gently pry the gauges themselves out of the shell of the cluster and you will find that in the middle gauge there is a gear right behid the odometer. also you have to take the 2 small guages off first because they interlock the middle one on the shell.