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  1. I'm posting this on 2 places here becuase I want to get the best bang for my buck, lol. Thanks in advance for all the help.

    Hello, I currently own a 06 Mustang. I love to drive it but the only problem is that is only has a v6 and does not stand out in a crowd. I have been looking at the different mustangs out there and I have feel in love with the Roush series.

    I am currently looking at buying a 05 or 06 roush stage 1 mustang from a dealership in AL. The sticker price is $34k I believe, my question is how much is a reasonable price to pay for this car. I would hope I could bring it home for at least $31k or less; from everyones exp. do dealers not wheel-and-deel with Roush mustangs.

    The problem is I live in southeast AL in the Ft. Rucker area. The closest dealer that sells Roush’s is in the Birmingham area about 3 hours away (I did check Roush site for dealership location my zip code is 36330). I have not seen Roush mustangs in this area to compare pricing too; this is why I came to this forum to ask you all. Now if I can only find a new Roush stage 1 for less then 30k within about 200 miles of me I would by and drive it home like within the month. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance for all the help!
  2. No other places to shop within 200 mi but to compare prices, use online searches and find comparably equipped vehicles.

    Just like shopping for any car.

    Brandon FORD has a large collection of ROUSH vehicles and probably could be used as a base line or at least a reference.
    $31k for a Stage 1 isn't bad for the current price point. Best bang for the buck? Well, that subject very subjective for any specialty mustang.:D

    Good luck!!
  3. This isn't directly what you're looking for but it might be able to help. I've been looking in detail at Roush's (primarily stage 2-3) for a few weeks.

    A stage 3, almost fully loaded, MSRP's for right around $52k with all their transportation and stuff added in. The dealer cost is roughly $45,200. You can get them in the high $47's if the dealership will deal, and lower 46's if you find a really great deal.

    You can also get a stage 2 down to (the lowest price I heard) 37,803 with all the seats, stripes, gauges, louvers, pretty much everything added ( for pricing). Stage 1's are about 2,000 less, so you should be able to get one with everything for 35,800. Those accessories add up to about $4900, so you should be able to get a stage 1 with no optional accessories for just barely under 31k.

    The dealers really vary. I just moved between states. The state I originally came from had a few dealers, and none would deal much at all on Roush's. The state I'm in now has a few dealers, and two will deal and two slap big markups on them and refuse to deal. It really varies based on the dealership.