05-08 Ford iPOD interface is finally released

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  1. Just wanted to let everybody know that our new iPOD/Auxilary interface is finally realeased.We pulled if off the market due to some communication problems on certain cars. This unit is made by PAC(Pacific Accessory Coproration). It allows browsing from the radio/steering wheel controls(if equiped) as well as full text on the radio.We are also releasing a HD radio tuner to go along with this. The P/N is uPAC-FRD24 and HDRT for the tuner. Its gonna retail for about 175.00(not inc. HD tuner) and here is the vehicle list.

    2005-2007 Five Hundred, Freestyle,Focus,Fusion,Edge,Escape(inc. Hybrid), Expedition,Explorer,Sport Track,F-150,Taurus(inc X)
    2005-2008 Mustang (Shaker 500 and 1000 included)
    2006-2008 Lincoln-MKZ,MKX,Mark LT,Navigator, Zephyr
    2007-2008 Mercury-Milan,Mariner(inc hybrid),Montego,Mountaineer
    2007-2008 Super Duty F-250, F-350, F-450,

    We also have just released a radio replacement to keep the factory amplifiers while going to a aftermarket head unit.The P/N is C2R-FD1 and retails for About $129
    Using this interface will enable factory features such as rear seat entertainment (RSE), rear seat controls (RSC) and the THXII amplifier when the original radio is removed.
    √ Provides VSS for navigation radios
    √ Illumination
    √ Parking Brake for navigation radios
    √ Reverse Trigger for back up camera
    √ Accessory 12v
    √ Digital Amp Turn-On
    √ 5v Sub Amp Turn-On
    2005-2007 Five Hundred, Freestyle, Montego
    2005-2008 Mustang (Shaker 500 and 1000 included)
    2006-2008 Explorer, Fusion, Milan, Zephyr, Mountaineer
    2007-2008 MKX, MKZ, Navigator, Sport Trac, Edge, Expedition
    2008 Escape, F-250, F-350, F-450, Taurus (X), Marnier, Sable
  2. nice to see the bugs were worked out.
  3. cool i just ordered my i-touch for christmas that will work out perfectly
  4. I am testing the unit my car as we speak and so far, its flawless and the HD radio is roetty nice too. Nothing like AM radio that sounds like FM!!!!!!!!!!
  5. So where an we buy them?
  6. I have a jack that my iPod plugs into in my car from the factory.
  7. The will be available by the end of the month so check with your local audio dealer. We are the manufacturer and do not sell sell directly to consumers:)
  8. Im not sure about the 08's, but does it charge and allow full control and text from the stereo????
  9. Yes, I have that, too. But it does not allow me to control my ipod through the head unit, or charge my ipod. I would rather tuck my ipod in my console and control it through the radio. It'd be so much easier. Also, unless you have this type of connection, you can not charge and get a line level signal at the same time (with the exception of a few car chargers with built-in line out ports, but they have terrible interference because of the power running side by side with the audio)
  10. Thats what this interface does, it charges and allows control through the head unit or steering wheel controls(on other Fords) and beign that is uses the iPOD plug you get digital sound, not through the headphone jack.
  11. This is something Ford should have made standard.
    Ford seems to always be a few years behind in its stereos.
  12. perfect. I will be getting one once i get my new iPod next week.
  13. Oh I know. I was pointing that out to the previous poster. Thanks, though :nice:
  14. I think the hold-up has been that Ford has been developing the Sync system. Now that they have released it I'm sure it will make it's way into the Mustang. I'm not sure how soon or how much wiring would have to change though. The Sync system does a lot more than even this can. It allows voice control of an iPod, thumb drive, most MP3 players and Microsoft Zune players. It also adds Bluetooth functionality and even supports voice text messaging. It allows a certain number of preset responses and reads incoming text.
  15. I thought it was curious that Sync is not available in the Mustang. Is this a Blue tooth type system? It is Windows based form what I hear? If all that is true, has does it work with an ipod since the operating system is different and ipods are not Bluetooth capable.
    I still think Ford would be better off going with a vendor such as Alpine or Pioneer for its stereos. There would be more options, cheaper prices and ipod controls, etc.
    Ford's 6-disc changer is way behind the times. With my Alpine head unit and controls for the ipod I don't even listen to CDs anymore. With thousands of songs at my fingertips through the ipod, why would I?
  16. Actually it appears that the Sync system is separate from the radio. The Ford navigation system is Pioneer. It has an AVIC model number. I also think Ford has used Alpine, Blaupunkt, Pioneer and Sony as sources for it's radios.
  17. Why don't they still use them then? Each of those companies has great head units with built in ipod controls and satellite radio controls for much less than what they put in the cars.
  18. Just find this deck
    alpine cda-9885 for 179 and it has the built in Ipod control, 179 bucks and your mind is at ease, or having to open to glove box everytime you wanna change a song and risk hitting someone while you drive .......
  19. That's a nice deck, but I dunno where you found it for $179. The cheapest I found is $229 and that doesn't include the iPod adapter, which is another $30.
  20. Ebay is a great place...hahahaha ya its used but hell I dont have a show car, and it still works the same. Got the cable used too for 14 bucks !