05-09 Mustang Cabin Air Filters

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  1. On Mustangs of years past a funny odor always seems to develop in the heating & A/C system. This is partially remedied in the 05-up Mustang with the addition of a factory installed cabin air filter. I say partially because the filter does require regular maintenance or you may end up with that funny smell anyhow! The link below is to a blog written by LRS salesman Jeff Jimenez & shows how to install a cabin air filter as well as a comparison between the new filter & his 1 year old factory filter.

    Mustang Cabin Air Filter Replacement
  2. thanks for the reminder! it is about time to replace mine for the second time. :nice:
  3. No problem! In the 2 years I owned mine I never remembered to change it......oh well.
  4. My insides have smelled a little bit. I'd been wondering why...I wonder if this has something to do with it. It's an 06, but I have no record of it every having been changed, and I've had the car about 7 or 8 months.
  5. many times, this does help. it takes about 5 minutes to swap, so go ahead and purchase a new one.
  6. That and it's only like what...12$ from a dealer? Can't beat it.