05-09 Mustang CS6 Front bumper

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  1. For sale Used CS6 Front bumper with grill, turn signal. Sold

    Painted UA CS6 bumper front bumper I decided to go with a different route. Sold (Bumper garage kept only had for 2k miles.)
    CS6 upper grill Sold

    New Street Scene 1st Generation front bumper $350

    Headlights for sale. One of the halos doesn't work. $50
    Fog lights for sale without bracket. $40

    05-09 V6 grill. Sold

    2005-09 V6 MMR Intake Kit w/ high flow tube $150
    Only used it for about 2k miles. Mint condition.

    05-09 v6 OEM Springs
    Like new Sold
    Buyer pays shipping

    05-09 V6 OEM Intake Best Offer
    Like new Mint condition

    PM if you want to see more pics.

    Buyer pays shipping no questions asked. Pickup, will get an extra discount for gas money. :p
  2. Laser jammers! Nice
  3. It comes in Handy. Specially if there are speed cameras. Never got a flash nor I ever got pulled over> :p
  4. After two weeks of waiting on a total after three phone conversations and a verbal agreement to sell it, this seller, Ed, aka Stang777 and ZanyPunk, sold the part to some else.

    Buyer Beware! Do not believe what this seller says.
  5. After two weeks, I quoted him with shipping and how much the bumper is going to cost. To get it shipped from the east to the west is expensive and this person had doubts about the shipping and tried to low ball me. I quoted him with the low price but didn't take the opportunity and all you had to was pay the shipping. Sorry but I do true business I don't just BS around. I'm not here to post negative feedback neither.
    Buyers beware. I don't take BS from no one.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.