05-09 Mustang Gt Front Bumper Covers

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  1. I have found a few 2005-2009 Mustang GT front covers. All of these covers are X03 grade in Pitch Black. X03 means these are not perfect, ready to bolt on covers. They will have scratches and possibly a broken mounting tab but, nothing structural. No significant damage like being warped, torn, or cracked. These are being sold as paint and repairables. These pics represent the shape they are in. When we ship these they will be covered and put in plastic before being boxed shipped.
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    These are $200 delivered. These will ship UPS.
  2. Again these are 05-09 Covers with scratches. They are considered X03 and need to be prepped and painted. $200 shipped to your door. Great for the V6 as an appearance upgrade.
  3. Great covers for starting you project on. Do what you want with them!
  4. New Take-Off "scratch and dent" cover are still available. These are factory painted OE covers. Simple and cost effective for your project. Only $200 delivered. Inquire now!
  5. These covers are a steal at $200 and free shipping. Prep and paint to match. Get yours today.
  6. need a fresh bumper for my dd Volvo, can you help? LOL
  7. Haha Volvo? That is a manufacturer we rarely get parts for. Sorry I have nothing in the bumper dept.
  8. well it is (was) a Ford during that era LOL!
  9. That I did not know!
  10. OK we are getting low again but there are still paint-able covers available. These are not listed on NTO and the price offered here is for members here only. Please inquire if you have any questions.
    Happy Friday all!
  11. Covers still available. To regular customers these covers are $230 shipped. For members these are $200 shipped. Inquire here.
  12. 05-09 Mustang GT covers. Being sold as paint-able covers. $200 shipped.
  13. If you have any questions about these covers, please feel free to ask.
  14. The 05-09 covers are being sold as paintable covers. They have nicks and scratches in the factory paint, but are structurally in great condition. Great for your Mustang project.
  15. If you have any questions about these covers. Feel free to ask.
  16. I need a new take-off bumper cover for my '07 GT. Do you have any in Alloy Metallic? If not, I would be interested in black, smoke or gray colors without any defects beyond surface blemishes. Need to know if you will ship it to the Auto Body Shop doing the work for me? Please provide an ETA to Southern Calif?
  17. Covers are $200 shipped. They have various marks and a possible broken tab but nothing structural.
  18. 05-09 GT front covers. They have cosmetic damage but, nothing structural. Easy to sand and paint the color of your choice.
  19. Covers are getting low. Get yours this weekend!
  20. We are officially out of the 05-09 front covers. It was good while they lasted.