05 - 09 Seats In A Fox

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  1. So I found some 09 Cobra black leather front seats for a pretty good price. I've heard the fox rails will bolt up with a little drilling, nuts, bolts and washers. These seats have power so I will not be keeping those heavy ass power tracks.
    I'll be picking these seats up this week, so picks will be coming soon :banana:
  2. They made an '09 Cobra? :scratch:
  3. haha i really don't know, that's the year they told me, however the snake is on the seat, maybe a year mix up:shrug:
  4. More than likely theyre from a GT500 which does have the cobra badging
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  5. They emailed me a couple pics, 2009 Shelby Cobra is what they are saying cause I asked them again :shrug: red with double white stripes. I will try and post some pics soon.
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  6. Yeah....GT500. There never was an " '09 Shelby Cobra"...but whatever. It just annoys me when sellers get the details wrong, but I'm sure it doesn't affect the quality of the seat. Can't wait to see if they'll fit in your car? Probably a lot wider than your Fox seats. You should ask them to measure their cross width before shipping them out. It would suck to pay to have them shipped all that way, just to find out you can't close your door after they're in.
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  7. Yeah I know, I wasn't even sure cause I have not kept up with the different models, but when I seen the seat pics, I was sold on those seats :rlaugh:
  8. a guy milwakeebest over on corral did coyote swap and gt500 08 seats and they look really good. iirc he said he only had to change the sliders i think he drilled and moved the bolts if you go there I'm sure he'd tell you how he did it.
  9. Yup, that's what I've read and heard, use the stock sliders, drill holes, add bolts and nuts, level with washer/spacer. Ditch the heavy ass power slider or sell it.
  10. I'm curious to how these fit.

    I'd like something that holds me a bit better than my 99-04 seats.
  11. Yes I'm hoping this goes well, been waiting to up date these.
  12. Pic of the seats...

  13. Those look nice!
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  14. Bro if they look like this when I go pick them up I will be doing my Happy Dance!!! :banana::banana::banana:
    Cause some how, some way those b!tches are going in :rlaugh:
  15. Cool man. Can't wait to hear how the install goes!
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  16. They look great!
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  17. Thanks I'm hoping this is a recent pic, I'm picking them up tomorrow morning. So hopefully by the end of this weekend they'll be installed. Promise I will take pics of everything, cause WE ALL love pics!!! ....and if anyone else is dropping coin on seats, you wanna' know what's REALLY involved, hopefully I can help :nice:
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  18. They will fit. This guy went all the way and installed the dash and center console, but you can get an idea of how it will look.


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  19. Love the newer dash into a fox!!!
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