05 - 09 Seats In A Fox

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  1. I do too. Its definitely a well built car.
  2. Dayuuuuuum..... :drool:
    believe we just witnessed a Fox Evolution.
    ...and THIS guy be like ---------->:trip: Seats going in, Seats going in!!!
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  3. Whoa! I didn't realize that was even possible. Cool.
  4. Just got the confirmation mesg that this deal is going down tomorrow morning, .....I'm holding my breath right now :confused:
  5. I seen some Black and Grey S197 Seats in a Fox, they seemed to match pretty well.
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  6. Status up date, .....the seats are in my car and headed home ...YES!!! :nice:
  7. So after patiently waiting and checking craigslist for a while I got my deal, I paid $500 bucks for these [email protected] seats!! I'm about to look into the passenger seat install, here goes...
  8. Wow that seems like a good price for leather in the condition you posted!
    Please post picts of your process so I can try and find some and copy you :)
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  9. You guys are gonna be happy, 4 bolts on each seat that hold the key to removing the bracket, 4 bolts!!!!! ....and unhooking the wire loom things, but that's it!!! Already have both brackets off. Have to go teach a pitching lesson then I'll be back at it. But I'm taking pics as I go, no worries :nice:
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  10. .....and here's one!!! :nice:

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  11. Looks like they will match the interior just fine.
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  12. Drum Rooooooll ba da da, .....DONE!!!!!! :cheers:
    Pretty [email protected] thrilled with these results :D
    I'm replacing the ragged out seat belt holders soon :nice:

    IMAG1150.jpg IMAG1151.jpg IMAG1153.jpg IMAG1152.jpg
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  13. You have more pics of this car/build?
  14. That is a perfect fit! Looks like they should have been there from the beginning!
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  15. Looks awesome!! Nice work.
  16. Thank you Sir, I didn't video but I got some step by step pics I will post soon :nice:
  17. Gonna post the pics then fill in the blanks after lunch....

    Pop the plug wires off the bracket looms first then remove the 4 bolts.
    The 4 bolts are at the corners and are dark and round. The nut is on the foam side, 15mm wrench.

    IMAG1113.jpg IMAG1125.jpg IMAG1122.jpg IMAG1128.jpg IMAG1137.jpg

    The passenger wires can be tied up in a circle easily. The drivers side has way more and also a wire on side that you need to pop the plastic loom and reroute it to the center and
    tie them all together. You need pop all the wire looms off before you actually take the 4 bolts off. You'll need the help of the bracket to be steady when popping them out.


    Notice the indentation on the rear bracket hole area. This is where you need a flat filler to level the bracket out when bolting it down. There is a slight gap in the middle of the bracket, but I felt comfortable in not filling that area.

    IMAG1144.jpg IMAG1145.jpg

    This is my slim jim I used to measure out the places to drill, I measured the old seat and drilled the needed measurement hole. Slide the spring levers (on both sides) up or down to help you extend the bracket frame over and free up the slack to reach the bolt hole you drilled if you come up short when pulling it over to the holes.

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  18. Make sure you slide the bracket over to the lever side to slide the seat over away from the door seal, I almost didn't move the passenger one over enough and it was close. Use the long groove edge(going verical when looking down and working on the seat bottom) to line up the bracket.
    Place a flat spacer to even out the rear bolt hole to keep the bracket level and from twisting when you tighten it. The front is level, be careful of moving the bracket too far forward and your lever sticking out way to far under your leg or passenger leg. You need to set(drill the first hole at the front lever FIRST) then let that one be your starting point for the other holes to be drilled. SET that lever First!!! I used an old jimmy(flat piece of metal with drilled holes) to measure out the exact distance of bolt holes from side to side(14inches for me) from your old seat. That will help you get very close to your seat bracket holes to line up with your floor board when you bolt them in. Do not tighten the bracket bolts completely until you have bolted the 4 bolts to the floor board. That will give you the NEEDED wiggle room to attatch the floor bolts.
    Then tighten the bracket bolts completely. As you can see from the console side pic, these seats are same height or lower than stock, I had '96 or '98 in and they raised me up but now I'm back down with these seats.

    IMAG1155.jpg IMAG1156.jpg

    You can see the silver flat bracket filler pieces I used on the rear braket holes here.

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