05 - 09 Seats In A Fox

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  1. Wow, those look awesome! Looks like they match very well. I love it!
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  2. Everytime I see a thread like this, I get tempted to replace the seats in my 86.

    2 things prevent me:

    I REALLY like the 86 seats and Halo headrests.
    I consider those seats a trademark of the model year.

    Still... That came out very nicely and is VERY tempting. :nice:
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  3. Thnx Noobz, that means a lot coming from you :flag:

    I've always loved the Halo's too :nice: I have to say having the tilted head rests, on these new seats to me, are pretty comfy leaning back cruising!! BTW these seats are AMAZING to ride in!! Took driving to another level for me, extremely fitting with DD comfort. If anyone has a chance to snag a pair DO IT!! Before word gets out and they all are snatched up with people swapping out the seats!!
  4. I've got a leather black red stitch redline e-brake cover, the shifter boot I have I like cause it's different but the halo headrests have a center slide tab, my existing ones now have two poles each :shrug:

    ***I filled in some "how to" on the pics, if anyone thinks of another question that I forgot to mention just ask.
  5. I was talking only about for the shifter and e-brake... The head rests on your seats are awesome. I wouldn't change those.
  6. Very nice my friend. And I thought I was all badass swapping in 2002 seats in my Fox. lol
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  7. Haha people love the boot or hate the boot :rlaugh:
  8. Bro I've been dying to update these seats, forever it seems. I got more seat time today and it's ridiculous how comfortable these are. I thought I was so limited but this opens up to tons of options now.
    It really was a pretty easy swap.
    Let the Fox Seat Revolution begin!!!! :cheers:
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  9. Wow! super nice, Im gonna start looking,

  10. It's not that it looks bad. The matching leather boot for those seats would just tie it in better.

    I have a Tri-Axe is my car. I like how it looks too and it's a shame to cover it. hehe
  11. I added some leather condition to the seats, they had been sitting in a warehouse and they soaked it up pretty good. I will probably do it again in a few days to help it revive faster. But as I was driving today and looking over at the other seat, I was all smiles, it makes me happy now!!!

    IMAG1159.jpg IMAG1162.jpg
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  12. It's truly amazing how well they fit and what a difference it makes in the car.

    I am SERIOUSLY considering this mod and putting my seats away until I can at least get them reupholstered.

    They're a great match with your interior and fill the spaces even better than the originals.

    I don't usually like seat swaps because the replacements often look out of place. Those seats are a perfect swap.
  13. Most of the Shelby owners out this way are idiots and drive like it, so here's my plan:

    I'll keep a flashing blue light on my dash. When I see one of these idiots put it into the guard rail, I'll help to remove the injured then remove the seats and take em with me.

    This plan is pretty much a sure bet. lol
  14. So now that they're in, what are your seating impressions? Think they provide any mor/less head/leg room than the stockers? They look like they've got quite a recline to them. Will they straighten for a more upright driving possition?
  15. Now is the time for us to invest in buying all the great seats we find, store them and sell them like hot cakes when the sh!t hits the fan in prices :rlaugh:
  16. Oh yeah, I could not ask, literally, for a better ride quality. Comfort, fit, appeal and looking straight up dead sexy @ss seat beside me and under me. When I put the '96 or '98 seat I had in, it raised me. But now these have lowered me again. So I'm pretty happy about that too. It gives the passenger more room too, the others made it feel high and tight. I'm 6'1" so going back to stock height but it maybe lower, I was high so I think somone going from stock to these would tell better. It's WAY lower than the others that's for sure. I really don't care for power seats, so not having that isn't a concern. I'd rather have EVERYTHING else this swap has to offer. If someone were to keep the old tracks modified etc, ....it would raise the seat height. Lotta trouble to try and modify that but if someone can do it I've got two tracks they can use...lol
    I just kept it simple and my car loves me for it now :nice:
  17. Just rev your motor at them . Then follow them casually, all the way to where they crash. :shrug:
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  18. Lol ....that reminds me of this Audi on a known curvy road, he was ahead of me going way to fast from where we were. I slowed down and came outta the curves to the LONG visible straight away and never seen his tailights. Next day I seen tracks going back and forth through the grass and road across the street and two guys repairing a brick mail box that was torn down :rlaugh:

  19. It's not as easy as it looks. That guy has a build thread on corral, and he also had to replace the whole floor pan / firewall with the one from the GT500. That's why it all fits right.
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