05 - 09 Seats In A Fox

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  1. :eek: I will just stick with my seats....lol
    I've always liked the Fox cockpit anyways!!!
  2. Sub'd - Just got a set of 09 GT leather seats because of this thread :)
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  3. YESSSSS!!!!!!!!..... Fox Revolution :rlaugh:
    Post pics in this thread or make a link to your install :nice:
  4. im looking and cant find any.... any suggestions? cl has nothin...
  5. when i clean em all up i'll make a thread when i do the actual install, and i'll link this one for the props!
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  6. Use CL and copy paste "mustang seats" then hit the different cities in your region :nice:
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  7. those look awesome!....think you started something here!....
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  8. And those seats are light as hell with fox tracks on them if anyone is wondering :nice:
  9. They do look pretty great. If it were my car, the airbag tag would bug me, but I'm just weird like that. Is the airbag module in the seat, or is it in the pillar in those cars?

    I'd like to see a weight comparison, if either of you guys are willing to weigh one VS a Fox seat.

    I'm right there with ya man. The 85/86 halo seats are iconic, and it's held me back from swapping them out for anything... Though a swap like this would be VERY tempting. The halo headrest looks cool, but it would be nice to have a headrest that actually acted like a headrest haha.

    I always thought the Fusion Sport seats looked pretty great too, though I have no idea if they would work in a Mustang.

  10. I had the '96 or '98 seats in and the '09's were lighter than them :shrug:

    ...that's for sure :nice:
    pretty sure the air bag is in the seat, seen some on ebay deployed, mine are not hooked up...lol
  11. The GT500 seats are more comfortable than the basic GT seats, however I am sure they will still be a great improvement over the fox seats.
  12. I can weigh the difference. I have stock 4 banger seats coming out though. I'll probably do the swap in the next few weeks once the weather breaks!

    Nik if i were you id just keep the 86 seats. As you've said, they are iconic! If anything id recover them in new fabric and seat cushions. Restore them if they aren't in good shape!

    I mean, that may be true, but my seats aren't just "basic GT seats". they are black and grey leather seats, and look identical to the OP's seats minus the snake. So i'd assume they are close to, if not the same seat. Regardless, as you've said the visual and comfort factors will be greatly improved.

    Shout out to my best bud out in the Mittin @SVT32VDOHC for the seat hookup! I also have 99-04 rear black leathers to go in the back. :)
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  13. Good seeing ya again...and yep I hooked up him PHAT on the seats!!!
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  14. ALWAYS good seeing you brother!!!!!
  15. in the 90's we used to swap in escort GT seats.
  16. I heard that once but never came across them.
  17. Is that dash any easier to fit than the SN95 dash?

    I love that. I'm not sure i'd do it...but I love that look.