05-09 Track Times

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  1. Strongly considering parting with my 2v car for a newer, more refined, low mile, less hassle, better shape, cleaner, decent paint, leather interior, Shaker sound system GT...:lol:

    I know 3v cars respond better than 2v cars with basic mods, but what 1/4 times are to be expected with a good driver and sticky tires with basic mods? Say full exhaust, gears and bolt ons and a tune?

    What about with cams?

    Considering my options. My heart wants a 2011, but my wallet doesn't and my GT doesn't want to stay alive until I can afford one... ha.
  2. In my 2006 (back when it was new) i ran 13.200 pretty consistent for the whole day. Mods were off road H and Corsa axlebacks. shock tower bar and 20" bulletts with 255/35/20 Toyo Proxes. the 2010 i have now feels a lot faster with way more mods but i havent had it to a track yet. i have a JLT CAI SCT tuner pypes shorties, off road x, flow axlebacks and its a beast