'05 aftermarket/mod speculations in here

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  1. What will be the hot aftermarket parts for 05?

    Guys, now that we know alot more about this thing, what are gonna be some parts that manufacturers are gonna come out with for it? Obviously springs, exhaust, shifters, wheels...but what else? What would you like to see available?
  2. If/when I get one (hopefully a low option/trim V8 car) I'll be leaving it bone stock--this will make it stand out among all the lowered/fart piped/tinted window/louvered/aftermarket wheels cars that will be cruising around. (I'm assuming 300HP will be plenty for me, and that this new body will be stiff enough that subframe connectors won't be necessary). When the stock tires and shocks start to wear I will upgrade to better tires and perhaps Bilsteins. If the base stereo sucks I'd maybe call up Crutchfield and order better speakers. I would only consider new/lower springs if the pros outweighed the cons--I wouldn't do it for the looks only.
  3. I would like to see side mirrors like the concepts, as long as they are still power. I might pick up a JL stealth box if the stock systems don't do it for me (I know the mach 1000 will be powerful enough, but if it is the same quality as the old one, I can do better for less money). I also would like to see a front valance to match the concepts. looks much more like the 60's stangs to me, which is what I really like about the car.
  4. I'm with 66 here! Clean, slightly understated refined looks for me, which, as 66 says, would well distinguish the new Stang from all the way overstyled import "Rice" out there and the equally repugnant, way overstyled Mustangs and other American iron out there too, for which I've coined the term, "Corn."

    The Mustang's fabulous new lines simply don't need any cheap decoration and cheesy jewelery to look good. It's like putting false eyelashes on Julia Roberts face, it only distracts and eventually detracts from the underlying beauty. The '05 is clean, intelligent and refined yet powerfull, athletic and commanding by dint of its excellently drawn basic form, lines, proportions and design -- just what good design should be and indicative of the difference between quality of design vs quantity of styling baubles. A few subtle, functional enhancements perhaps, but keep the J.C. Whitney catalog and pop-rivet gun on the shelf.

    I don't for the life of me see how a riot of slats, ducts, scoops, spoilers, shiney bling bling and whatever else glopped all over some poor car looks any better on a Mustang than on a Honda, even if they both have some actual serious mods under the skin.

    Rice or Corn, a lot of styling doesn't equal good styling.
  5. Very well put!!
  6. Question about aftermarket wheel size?

    Any have any ideas on the what widest and tallest rear wheels i can get on the 2005 stang 10 in wide maybe i would like to have 19x9.5 or 19x10
  7. Any speculation on modding the 3 valve?

    Anyone have any ideas/thoughts on how "tweaked out" this engine is? With a 9.8:1 compression ratio, it seems like big boost isn't possible. I'm just trying to think how much horsepower you could gain with the usual bolt-ons, exhaust, pulleys, throttle bodies, inlet pipe, etc. Has Ford released cam specs at all yet?
  8. I am the same way about "keeping it clean". About the only change I could see is a hood like that of the concept car from a year ago (two small openings near the front of the hood).
  9. Why would boost be out of the question? 8psi an aftercooler maybe some water injection and a custom chip/computer to keep timing under control. Boost is definently an option.
  10. The usual mods, underdrives/exhaust/intake plus a chip to remap the cam timing could produce some gains, but a low pressure blower will probably net good results.

    The stock intake and what not looks pretty good in the pictures... so I don't expect a big gain from intake tubes and the like.
  11. I'm really curious to see what the exhaust system looks like and how many cats its goint to have. If its the standard 2 1/4" crimped tubing, a new exhaust system could open it up a little bit.
  12. I definitely am going to need a new hood, but whenever I do get the car, it'll be stock for a little while. For the sake of being different though, I'd probably add classic stang round rear view mirrors to it. i love the ones on my 65. I guess I've gotten too used to them.
  13. smaller mirrors, concept hood, a grille with foglights behind it (kind of hidden), different front bumper. but i love it the way it is
  14. I know 20s will fit with no issues.
  15. :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:

    The round signals in the lower bumper of the concept are SO much better than the little slitty front turn signals they put on the production car. A different bumper cover should be a no-brainer for Saleen since he already makes a similar one for SN-95's
  16. http://www.cdw27.org/stang/05MUST57_HR.jpg

    Theres the drivetrain intake and exhaust all showing with the shell of the car removed.

    :nonono: if it wasn't for those damn mufflers behind the axle :(

    btw, the cats are either 2 integrated cats or 1 cat / exhaust pipe...which is good.

  17. If that photo is what the production cars will really look like, I find it very interesting that the exhuast system is shown with clamps and not completely welded.

    If that exhuast system is the way production cars are, it looks like it will be a 15 min job to swap mufflers.
  18. First Day: Get rid of giant wing in the back.
  19. I want them to make louvers for the side triangular windows and also rear louvers for the rear window. Plus a set of Bullitt torque thrust wheels and a really nice and loud exhaust system.
  20. well doesn't the gas tank now go where the mufflers used to? seems like a good reason to move them to me. maybe if someone would make some nice slim mufflers...