'05 aftermarket/mod speculations in here

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  1. and it looks to me like you might still need to weld that bent piece to the muffler...
  2. mmm...I love louvers...forget who posted em (the one that posted a LOT of photoshopped pics) put some louvers on the 05...looks badASSed to me
  3. Bullitt rims will definitely be popular on this style, as well as an aftermarket hood. Other aftermarket mods I foresee are wing and fog light delete on the GTs. They look so much cleaner without the lights in the grille. Gives it a cool Bullitt look. I'd like to see a bumper that integrates the fog lights without combining them with the turn signal lights, too.

    I also wouldn't be surprised to see a full rear-end kit to change the taillights either. Several people don't seem to like the rear very much as is.
  4. Ford said the engine is designed to run on 87 octane fuel. So one of the biggest bangs for the buck. Would be a timing adjuster for it. Then you can bump up the timing to run on 93-94 octane. Which may be worth quite alot. I know with the old 5.0 I could chase down cars, of the same year, that hadn't had there timing advanced.
  5. Add the 1967-1969 Shelby Cobra taillights as a part that can be available for the 2005+ Mustang.
  6. What is the disadvantage of having the mufflers behind the axle?
  7. Yes i think the gas tank is now in the way of where the mufflers used to be. But you can always have the mufflers lowered to fit underneath i would guess. Its REALLY going to suck having your gay fart can mufflers sticking out the back. Painting them i dont think will make it look good enough. Maybe an aftermarket body kit would allow it to be hidden.

    I know that 2 chambered flowmasters will be going on for sure so they will take up some space (if/when i get one).

  8. some people think it is very un-mustang-ish.
    that and you will probably see a few 5" honduh fartcans stickin out the back unfortunately
  9. Ok, where's 351CJ hiding? He had some good thoughts on this a while back in another topic but I couldn't find them.
  10. Someboby needs to make an aftermarket hood like the one on the 69 shelby that has the three vent holes in it for the new Stang, it would be so sweet!!!
    I would post a picture but this new SN attachments thing really sucks!!!!!!! :mad:
    I also can't wait too see what Saleen or Roush has planned for it!!!!!!

    Donny :nice:
  11. Actually an easy fix can be made by aftermarket factorys for the mufflers. One that comes to mind quickly is SLP with their loudmouth exhaust. For mufflers they use long sleek ones that could be used either after the axle or perhaps squeezed next to the driveshaft so that you could run tailpipes behind the axle.
  12. how about 'vette style exhuast?

  13. Don't get your hopes up on this one. The 4.6L 3 valve uses a new engine control system that (if its like what is implemented on the LS & T-Bird) has a knock sensor and software that automatically advances the timing as far as possible, That is a static timing adjuster will probably do little or nothing.
  14. I wasted too much time on Sunday & Monday tracking down all the new Mustang info, so I've been catching up and have not had time to spend here.

    You guys are going to have to come to grips with the fact that since the 3V engine has 40 more HP some of the tweaks that were easy to do with the old 2V engine are already incorporated in the 3V to get some of that 40 HP.

    To look at some specific items:

    1. 9.8:1 compression ratio - This is NOT an issue. The were able to raise the compression ratio and keep the it set up to run on 87 octane because the 3V engine has the spark plug located close to the center of the combustion chamber this gives more complete buringing of the A/F mixture so a higher compression ratio can be used. I also think the the central spark plug location reduced the tendency for the plug electrode itself to be the starting point of pre-ignition. Other factors in the ability to use a higher compression ratio are most likely the new PCM system that automatically adjusts the timing to the maximum allowable. So the bottom line is I don't think that the 9.8:1 CR itself will effect the ability to put a S/C on it, but the new PCM system could be a major stumbling block. Your run of the mill street corner Mustang tuner may not be able to do much tuning your 05 Mustang. You'll probably have to wait for Ford Racing, Roush, Saleen or someplace like that to come out with SC kits.

    2. If the new PCM system automatically optimizes timing, the easiest performance boost may be to put 91 Octane in it. I'd guess 5 HP or so.

    3. Exhaust - This will probably be the second easiest performance mod. X pipe up to 10 HP, Mufflers larger pipes maybe another 5 HP.

    4. Pullies - Unknown until we really see what Ford has already put on the engine.

    5. Throttle Body - Probably nothing. If the 3V has 57mm TB's like on the Bullitt, they 2 x 57s flow over 1.5 times the air as the single 65 mm. Twin smaller TB's should also give slightly better response so I'd guess new TB's would be a waste of money.

    6. Inlet pipe / air filter / air box - From first view it looks like some improvements could be made, but since the inlet is so short gains would most likley be less than what's possible on the 99-04. I'd guess 2 - 5 HP max.

    7. This one should be good news. Looking at the chassis photos, and based on the Mustang should be using the new PCM system, I'm guessing that the 2005 Mustang will be using the new T/C system that the LS & T-Bird uses. In this system the speedometer & odometer comes from one of the wheel sensors. So this means - When you change the rear end gear the speedometer & odometer will still read correct! However if you change the tire diameter it will not read right unless someone is able to come up with a box that changes the pulse count.
  15. hmm...with the TB's in the front like that, you might see a few decent ram air hoods...I know its not a big deal but still...

    I like te way the engine looks..all sexy like :)
  16. I'd change out the front bumper, rear tail lights, add the scoops to the quarter windows (already drive a 89 vert visability isn't an issue), different rear bumper, exhaust swap, XM Sat Radio, find something to get rid of that god awfull alluminum dash, and for pete's sakes rims that don't look like something ripped off from a Puff Daddy concert. Hell, at the ratings for power I'd settle for a v-6 if the new engine doesn't sound like a tin can in a food processor. After all the dang law around here make damn sure ya do the speed limit.
  17. um...isn't the aluminum trim just an option? and I don't think the wheels are too bad...woiuld you rather have plain jane black steel wheels? didn't think so :)
  18. If the aluminum trim is just an option that's fine. I like a simple interior that flows nicely. Aluminum dash doesn't fit the bill for me personally. As for the rims I've yet to see a style yet that really impressed me. The ones I have seen look exactly like I mentioned... something stolen at a Puff Daddy concert. Bling bling ain't something I like in my diet either.
  19. I imagine a Pro50, Triax, Kirban shifter won't be too long in the making...those will be out quickly.

    If I were buying one of these things tomorrow, the first few things I would do would be gears, exhaust, shifter, and maybe work out some sort of home made induction kit. If it is a sub-frame car, I don't care how rigid they make it, I will definitely be adding sub-frame connectors.

    As for appearances, I don't think I would do much to the car except maybe lower it a bit, and find some seriousl cool rims and tires...I am thinking some 18" Halibrand III's in that matte finish with some serious rubber in the front and back.

    I figure once the warranty runs out, the blowers will be well developed by then, and an intercooled Kenne Bell pushing about 10-12 lbs of boost would be pretty sweet.

    Sir Hacksalot
  20. " Available authentic aluminum panels spanning the dashboard are particularly eye-catching, as are prominent dual chrome-ringed gauges that cap an all-new technology." which means its an option. I've also seen a few pics of the interior without the aluminum.

    wonder how long it will take for some aftermarket cams to come out. I'm not too up to date on the 4.6, but its still tough to find cams isn't it?