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  1. The Old 05 is gone now, here;s what I got,,,,
    (should I use the rims from my 05 on this one?)

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  2. Nice Vert!!!! That 'Stang looks GOOD!!!
    The wheels that you have on the pics look great! :D
    What do the '05 wheels (that you are referring to) look like?
    I like the Red on Red! :nice:
  3. 'Vert

    Congrats Bro - One Sweet Ride! :nice:
  4. I thought that I was sick of Bullitt wheels, but man those polished 18" Bullitts look sweet. :drool:
  5. rims

    I have the same color comb. as you. Iwould like to buy your rims/tires if you choose to replace them just email me. Barry
  6. here's the Enkei rims and Toyo tires from my 05 :


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  7. Lower that SUV!
  8. Keep the bullits and lower that thing.:D
  9. You may think of it as SUV, but think again!!! If you remember all the great muscle cars of 60s and 70s , they were another inch and a half higher than my stang! LOL
    In my opinion, lowering a retro muscle car is pretty much wantin to look like a Mitsubishi!!!
  10. The days of air shocks are long over. Ford has the ass end up that high to accomodate snow chains. Yes, it's true.
  11. Have you stood next to an old Boss 302 lately? That thing is low. Anyway, I always made fun of my buddy's '95 Cobra as I had my '95 lowered and they just look so much nicer lowered. Now I have an '06 and I don't plan on lowering it soon, so he keeps sticking his hand between the wheel and fender. What can I do. :)
  12. Congrats and welcome to the Vert club! Too bad you didn't join the Fanblades club either...
  13. Nice color combo!
  14. Why the change of heart? I think the verts look good with the top down, but you kind of miss the whole "fastback" look with the top up.

    On a side note, since your coupe wasn't that old, did you take a hit when you traded it in?
  15. That red car can't get any better looking. I'd leave it the way it is.