05 Drag Videos *against 04 GTO/350Z*

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  1. WOW! What a golden nugget I found tonight. Check this out:


    It's a video of a 2005 GT racing a 2004 GTO. The next race after the GTO/GT race is a 2005 GT against a 350Z. I'm not too sure about the year. The GT's get spanked off the line but gain ground quickly. The 1st GT ran a 13.96 I think and the GTO had a 13.5. The second race the GT has 14.24, 350Z has a 14.57
  2. Oh no . . . This has been shown a few times! The GTO is me and the GT is Bryanzstang. This was the very first race of a new GTO and GT on video! It did cause some ruckus here but everyone has grown to love me :bs: .

    I got a 13.5 and Bryan got a 14.0 on that run. Both of us are now faster currently. I think I'm still a tick faster :nice:
  3. Look how much the Stang stands out compared to the GTO :)
  4. I remember that, I'm glad the childish non sense has stopped. I was a lurker back then lol.

  5. It is a classic...I still enjoy seeing it! LOL
  6. Me to!