05 electrical problem

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  1. i have no power to anything but the car starts and stays running. it keeps randomly doing this and when ever it does deside to give power to all the electronics the lights flicker randomly and ill hear what sounds like a tick comming from the fuse box on the passenger side.
    has anyone had this problem or have any ideas on what it could be?
    im leaning twards an ignition issue but wanted other oppinions.
    thanks in advance.

    the car is a 2005 with the v6 and auto trans
  2. Pass side water leak? Search the forum or check tsb's for more info.

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  3. OOOO! I had a passenger side water leak the other day. First time ever and I've had the car over 6 years! Have to check this out....
  4. More than likely not an ignition issue. Sounds like there is an issue with the 12v source to the fuse box. At the top of the fusebox (closest to the firewall) is where the source is. A cable from the battery bolts into the fuse box. Itll be under a red cap. Check that connection and make sure its not corroded, broken or the bolt isnt loose.