05 Final Production Numbers - by color?

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  1. I searched the forum but did not find what I was looking for. Did anyone ever post a thread on what the final production numbers were for the 2005 model year? I am curious how many GTs vs. V6s, and especially how many Torch Red GT's with the ICAPs (red leather etc.)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.:SNSign: Rock ON!
  2. Impossible!

    According to Ford, it is impossible to track numbers like that:


    I bet it is crapola but who knows? :shrug: I guess you should just bookmark that thread and check back occasionally to see if they receive any word from Ford.
  3. You are correct, that is total crapola. Ford knows exactly how many of every model, option and color combination was produced. From Marti reports (SP?) you can purchase a report on any car Ford every produced back through the 1960s that will tell you exactly how many of a particular model, color and options were produced.

    In addtion, the Yellow Mustang Registry has data on the total of how many of each color Mustang was produced for the last 20 years.

    For example here is the 2003 Mustang data:

    And in fact elsewhere on Brad's site is the color data for the 05 Mustang.
  4. The link tells me the page cannot be found.
  5. too many variables there, i dont think it is accurate. i mean if they cant get the names of the colors right, then how can we be sure that its legit.....