05 front end on a 99-04

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  1. i'm sure you guys know of this. i saw it in a magazine a couple months back, and wanted to know more about it. some company was making kits that could give a 99-04 mustang an 05 front end. and it looked pretty badass. i searched, but i guess i couldnt type the correct keywords. if anyone has any info, or pics or websites to direct me to this, that would be great. thanks.

  2. As much as I like the 05-06's I wouldnt do that to a pre 05 car. :nonono:
  3. one word: UGLY!!!
  4. :eek:

    The '05s are starting to grow on me.. but PLEASE PLEASE don't ever think about doing that to a 99-04, those cars are beautiful and shouldn't be tortured like that :(
  5. im with these guys, dont do it. Looks bad, and you'd be DAMN hard pressed to find another buyer, if you ever wanted to sell your car.....
  6. Are the 05s that great to get one and mod it over a 03/04 cobra or what?? I know prob dumb ?? just wondering they that quick with their "300" hp engines and all?? I like the 00-04 body a LOT better...but hey more Hp make me :D
  7. You could pick up a v6 and SC or Turbo it up to Cobra power levels for about what a Cobra cost new. The 05-06 cars are starting to grow on me too, but not enough to get raped by a dealer for a GT....
  8. And so it begins... :(
  9. ah geez not this **** again...
  10. the kit doesnt even look like the 05 to me. and to tell you the honest truth i woudl rather have my front clip any day!!!! the 99-04 looked moch more aggressive!! the 05 and up are just retro.
  11. The photos in magazines and on their website are somewhat small, and I think you can't get a good impression of the overall look of the kit from them. Two folks over on MW have the kit installed. The larger pics really shows the true look of the kit. For some reason, I'm reminded of a big mouth bass trying to breath above water when I see the front end.

    For your viewing pleasure:





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  12. Thats not as bad looking as i thought it was going to be when i came into this thread.......:shrug: It just might look better in that second picture of the blue one than any real 05 i have seen. That being said though im still not a fan of mixing mustangs together so i give it the:notnice:
  13. what are you guys complaining about? this guy has a 84 RX7 with a 5.0. That kit would make that bastard car perfect :rlaugh:

    Steve, if you want to do that to your 84 go ahead, might be funny. :D But don't do it to a normal 99-04 GT :(
  14. the front bumper cover looks like fido's ass!!! the body lines are WAY off!! it looks even worse than the magazine pics!!!! i would rather buy an accord and put some gay ass neons and a retarted body kit on than drive that!!!!
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    please dont do that to ANY stang!! it just isnt the same as the 05

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