05 front end on a 99-04

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  1. the rounded front looks right on the rounded body of the 05 not with the squared off lines of the 99-04
  2. Yuck.

    If you do that to your stang and come across a real 05, they'll be looking at you saying "nice try buddy!".

    But it's your car. If you REALLY like that, then go for it. But I personally think it looks downright tacky.
  3. :rlaugh:

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  4. the yellow one looks better than the rest i've seen but it is still ugly!
  5. oh that yellow one gets even better ...

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  6. who????? what?????? huh??????????

    :doh: x 3
  7. :jaw: that should be illegal.
  8. :puke: crapola Wow :jaw: that is bad. Talk about mismatched body lines. Take that out and:flame:
  9. That's nothing, guys. I will try to get some pics of a 240sx (I think that's what car is underneath the mishap) with a Corvette body and post them. It's painted red, white, and blue, with a tri-level spoiler on the rear. :rlaugh:

  10. lol please dont
  11. How about FUGLY
  12. that sounds even better!!
  13. nope I am not convinced!!!!
  14. wow....the vette rear end and 05 front end...i cannot describe its horror.