05 GT 1/8th mile video

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  1. Nice. Too bad the dude filming rolled up the window, but I guess he had too due to wind noise.
  2. Like to know what the 05 got smoked by. Really glad I am getting the base wheels, they look so much better than the others.
  3. Look carefully at the video . The "other" vehicle appears to be a pickup truck.
  4. Looks like a fleet-side truck, kind of looks like dodge body lines... :shrug:
  5. Yes it was a truck.....with a nice Turbo installed on it. :D The truck ran 11.8 quarter mile.
  6. You're supposed to have your windows rolled up at the track :shrug: At least when I've gone that was the rule, but it would have been nice to hear that beast some more. :flag:
  7. link no workie?!
  8. link is not working :(
    what were the numbers on this run????
    was it a 5 speed one or auto???
  9. I am aware of the windows up rule at the strip. I was just hoping since the dude filming was obviously really interested in the car(even asks the driver if it is an 05) he would have left the windows down a little longer while filming. Also, is it just me or does the Stang seem to be going easy? Not really pushing the vehicle too hard?
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  12. i just watched it... Seems to me it was a lightning. Look at the mirror.
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  14. Dear Lord... that pickup spanked the poor Mustang badly, I think the stang driver forgot to hit the gas or something :rlaugh:.

    Nice car, though -- looks like Mineral Grey, which is what I was going to order... :drool:

  15. Wow that mustang sounds sweet! So is that like a privately owned 05 at the track already? I haven't even seen them on dealer lots here yet.