05 gt 3 valves per cyl

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  1. if ford uses the 3 valves per cylinder on the new gt's, will we be able to use these heads and intake on out 96-04 gt's. i'm sure there will be issues with the timing chain because of the different cams and everything, but this would be nice. probably like 30 hp from new heads.
  2. the 3 valve design is not utilized by a third set of cams. Instead by oil pressure that builds up at higher rpm levels. So no, there will be timing chain issues.
    As for gains, these new 3valve heads will produce the same effieciency as the current 4valves that are in the cobras. so yes there will be a crap load of HP increase. Other than the ECU might have to be modified. Everything else should fit fine..
  3. KappaBaLL is correct, the 3V flow just as good as the current 4V. so there is much more than 30hp available from them. what remains to be seen is what type of compression will be created by using the 3V heads on older blocks. the new 3V engines will have a 9.8:1 compression ratio.

    i don't know all the workings of Fords VVT technology, so i do not know if anything else would be necessary to complete the swap other than heads, intake, and ECM.
  4. Anybody know if the 05 intake is going to be plastic?
  5. 3V heads = nice setup for a futur built longblock... :nice: ..hopefully everything will fit good..

  6. i didn't say there was going to be a third cam, i said the cam will be different meaning it should have more lobes than the 2 valves. i am not an expert, but i would think that you would need at least 4 more lobes on each cam.

  7. you are correct, there will be more lobes.
  8. just when i got a car with the pi heads i thought all the ideas about a headswap were done :nonono: oh well :D
  9. i had a 98 gt and traded it in because i wanted a faster car. now i feel skrewed
  10. right there with ya man :( i was trying to hold out on trading mine until the new ones came out, but the 98 started smoking (piston ring) & i didn't feel like sinking a bunch of money into a new block, so here i am. well maybe we might be able to get in on more power with a compression bump, like with the old swap, from non-pi to pi heads. at least we can hope :rolleyes:
  11. like i said i'm not an expert, but i would think there would be timing issues because of the cams with more lobes. will the third valve be an intake or exhaust valve.
  12. good question of the intake/exhaust valve
  13. if i remember correctly, it is 1 intake and 2 exhaust.
  14. i really hope somehow we will be able to use these heads, otherwise we will never catch the 05 gt's and i'll have to trade my 02 vert in

  15. i think its 2 intake 1 exhaust
  16. I hope so too..that would screw up the whole "modular" concept.... :rolleyes:
  17. I know it's in a truck and all, probably not tuned for a Mustang.. But the 3V 5.4 is putting out 300 HP w/ an impressive 365 feet of torque. How much do HP do you think the 4.6 will be able to squeeze from these new heads?

    I said it once, and I'll say it again.. The 05 will have no more then 280 HP in final production. They'll bump it to 300 when sales dwindle a couple years after. Hell I wold not be surprised to see the current 2V in the GT in 05. A total engine redesign was forseen for the all redesigned 94 GT.. Retained the same old 5.0 w/ its 215 HP.. Then wait, we have the 4.6 liter OHC engine! Revolunary breakthrough! Wait, 215 HP still you say? :notnice:

    Ford has always followed this pattern.. And if you guys expect a totally redesigned 300 HP vehicle to stay in the 21-24k price range, HA! No car company can do that today. Ford will never sell itself short. If it does ahve 300 HP expect to pay no less then 26k on this car.
  18. it is 2 intake 1 exaust. There was an article about it in an older MM&FF or 5.0 Mustang mag.......I can't remember which. let me see if I can find it.........
  19. yes it would...and it would be GREAT
  20. if the 05 gt does have the 3 valve and has about 300 horses, no i wouldn't expect it to be under 26,000, but i still think it would be a good buy