05 gt 3 valves per cyl

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  1. It would better serve Ford's rep to put out the 300 horse engine out immediately. New body,new platform it's all begging for a more powerful engine to go along with it. There are future cars that are potentially coming out that would make it a very poor business move on Ford's behalf to put out an underpowered car while they are sitting on something with much more power. I'm not gonna buy one if they have the same power as the PI head SN95s.
  2. i agree, i find it hard to believe that all these import cars with 4 or 6 cylinders are putting out the same #'s as our v8's. granted some are using forced induction, but some are not and coming up with similar #'s, plus there lighter and faster. ford better get it's act together.
  3. something i just noticed... the 2004 F150 (or at least the FX4) is using a 3v setup on its 5.4L V8... so, who is going to be buying one and playing with it? suprised i was the first to look at that...

  4. A 350z puts down 230-240 rwhp with its "287" FWHP which matches what a SOHC 4.6 will do. But it still doesn't come even remotely close to matching the 4.6's on torque with its 3.5L. 220 rwtq for the Z vs 260+ rwtq for a 4.6 SOHC. Plus for the price of a 350z you can upgrade to a Mach1 with the DOHC engine and now you're running low to mid-13's stock with a 350z trailing far behind in the 14.0-14.3 range.

    Peak horsepower is nice, but torque and area under the curve is what moves you, not peak horsepower. Learned that the hard way from my Honda. :D :bang:
  5. I agree. A totally new ground up redesign Mustang for the first time in the 40 year history deserves something more than a carry-over engine. With the numbers the SOHC is putting out on chassis dynos, they could probably just recertify the engine at 280, not get in trouble, and call it a day. But I really hope they don't do that.

    If Ford made a base GT with 300hp stock that would give them a marketing advantage over the 350z and other import competition and they would also still be beating them on price very easily.

  6. already a step ahead of ya buddy :nice: I am working on getting this setup right now. me and a buddy of mine will be working on the swap after christmas. Im going to look more into what all it needs before i dive in but i have access to any machine work i need done or anything for free so im going to try it. Hell i just did the damn PI headswap this spring and not even a year later im going for more lol oh well it should be interesting. Ive heard you can expect 45+hp from just bolting these heads up. I will also be porting these so i should get better gains. Im going to atleast need the new complete heads, intake, and computer. Ill see if anything else needs to be switched when i get there.
  7. i'd do a custom computer burn/dyno personally...

    and if it works for you i think i might try and see if i can make a kenne bell match up to the heads.... but if it can work, and the heads are not much more then the 2003 heads/valves/etc... then that would be a hella cheap mod.

  8. subscribing..keep us posted...I'm looking into a 5.4 L swap too (still hesitating between a 32V navigator and a new 3V 5.4L...)...
  9. I don't think these heads will be an easy swap. I looked at a picture of them and the variable cam timing part adds alot to the front of the cams so the chain covers will not work or the valve covers and everything on the front of the motor will be pushed forward :bang:

  10. this is exactly what i was referring to in the beginning of the post. i think it will be difficult because of the new cams and timing chains i would think would be a serious issue.
  11. i've just seen the pics of the 3v moter that was just posted by another member and i think we can forget about a head swap. it looks like thee would be a whole lot of fabrication to relocate the t/b and you would need the new intake which i figured anyway. you would need a whole new air intake setup due to the relocation of the t/b. it looks cool though.