05 GT Against Porsche 911 at the track...

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  1. I was wondering if these new Mustangs could hang with a mid-80s 911 at the track...not the dragstrip, but something like Road Atlanta? I ask because My 05 GT is on order and I used to have a bone stock 1985 Carrera 911 that I would take to the track on what is termed D.E. events. It's been about 4 years since I have been able to do this and it would be nice to do it again in my new Mustang. Am I kidding myself, is the Mustang a straight line car only? Drag racing is fun, no doubt, but I like to learn the limits of my performance cars and become a better driver. There is nothing worse, IMO, than pulling a ***. car from a stop, only to have them smoke you through the windies :nonono: !!!
  2. The new Mustang should be very much improved in the handling department, and even better it will deliver much improved ride quality to and from the track. I hope the brakes are much better also, but I have seen some negative press on them already. It's all relative though, and the new Mustang is much improved in all regards.

    Enjoy your car!
  3. a mid 80's stock carrera (non-turbo) might have a slight advantage with their suspension setup, but they are low on power (only 200 horsepower 3.2 liter 6), and I don't see them being able to hang with the 100 horsepower advantage that an 05 puts out. On the track, an 05 was jus a few ticks behind the current 333 HP BMW M3.

  4. I just got back from instructing at a Porsche racing school this past weekend. The mid '80s 911 was down on power but it was lighter (at about 2800 lbs) so it has a lot less weight to throw around in the curves. I would say that the 911 will have the advantage in the corners for sure but you will have the advantage in the straights. It just depends on how long the straights are to be able to gain enough to pass the 911 and continue to stay in front when the corners come up again. Now, you throw on a set of Kumhos or Hoosiers then you should even out the playing field!!! The only problem is that the 911s can also slap on the race rubber :D Another problem that you will contend with is brakes. If the track you are going to is hard on brakes then I would suggest at least flushing the stock brakes fluid and putting in AP 551. This will keep the fade to a minimum but you still have to watch the stock pads! See if Hawk is making a hot street/track pad like a HP Plus or even a Blue compound for the 05 GT yet. The 911s have great brakes stock and with lighter weight they can go in deeper and harder on those turns at the end of the straights!!!

  5. Again, the power is close with the E46 M3 but it has BIG stock brakes and had a serious advantage with their stock tire setup. The stock tires they put on the 05 Stang and even my 04 GTO is more for longevity then all out stick! Now, you do some brake mods, suspension mods, and DOT track rubber, then you will be a force to be reckoned with! :hail2:

  6. As a fellow 911 enthusiast, you'll have perception and reality. Reality first. The Mustang will probably lap a bit faster than the mid-80's 911, especially if you lower it a bit and upgrade your tires. Then, no contest. Perception in the driver's seat on a road course? The way it will feel piloting the Mustang compared to the 911 on a road course will be akin to the difference between piloting a Hummer vs. a CR250 dirtbike through the woods :D In a street fight, a 911 is a razor knife, the Mustang is a softball bat. The bat would win in this instance, but it'd be messier.