05 GT Base Price of $26,900...

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  1. Note that it is from Motor Trend and it says...

    "Base Price $26,900 (est)"

    (est) means it is a guess.
  2. And along with all the other information on that sheet, it came from Ford. Somehow I expect that if FORD is estimating $26,900, then it'll be pretty close to that... :shrug:
  3. "Base Price $26,900 (est)"

    I know est is estimate, but usually the car mags are really close to what it acutally comes out to be. 27K base was a little higher than i was hoping for. The 05 GT is going to be my first car out of college. Sept cant come soon enough.
  4. That's too high. That means that the price jump will be about $2,920 more than the current MSRP price of the 2004 GT which is $23,980. That's a BIG jump.
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  7. Most of the rags had the GTO at "$35,000 (est)" and it came in just under the radar on that one.....so don't expect the price to jump TOO much.
  8. Ford was quoted as saying the MSRP was going to come in 1-2% higher. You cant give away a 2004 right now, how low are the 2004 going for? less then 20k? After the 05 pics came out why would anyone go out and buy a 04?
  9. I'm sure Ford thought of that....and pretty soon they probably WILL be giving '04 GT's away. Buy an '05, and get an '04 of equal or lesser value free.

    Just wait until the '06 Kebras hit the floors....03's will be dirt cheap.
  10. price

    Thanks for the link.

    I agree it is an estimated price. They may make some options standard equipment.

    Drive out price is the most important number. Sticker, less dealer discount, less rebate (if any), plus tax and title. A friend bought a new '03 Cobra in the fall of 2003 (the '04's were arriving) for a total discount from sticker of over $6000.

    For those that don't like the '05 (I love 'em), you will probably be able to get some great deals on the '04 from now until late '04.
  11. Come late summer 2004 Mustang GTs will be the performance deal of the century.

    $26,900 seams high. I'm guessing $25,500 for the base pice.
  12. $26,900 is not that high when you remember that ford said there would be a lot more standard features on the new GT than before.
  13. $22,000 base price wasnt bad for a 02 Z28. The LS1 and 6-spd :nice:

  14. Someone who thinks the 05's are ugly will buy an 03/04 for cheap. Like me.
  15. less than 20k? for a 2004 GT? Las Vegas sucks then because they're all priced 2 to 4k OVER 20k here... I think i'll go out of state to buy another Mustang when the time comes... this place is ridiculous. :rolleyes:
  16. Off topic... but...

    Whatever happened to MANICMUSTANG?
  17. I've seen him logged in, he is just keeping quiet.
  18. Ford should sell the new 2005 GT for $23,500 to $25,000. Anything more than that is too much. I am going to wait until Ford starts giving decent rebates on this car before I buy one. I will wait for a year or two until they do that. I aint gonna pay $26,900 for a Mustang GT unless its a Mach1, Bullit or Boss.
  19. Car & Driver said the GT will run about $25,000 (w/o options).