05 GT Base Price of $26,900...

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  1. Anything over $24,000.00 (fully loaded hardtop) is a RIP OFF!! I know its a better car, but Ford owes us a better car at the same price when you consider the quality of other cars being made today.
  2. Let's not get too far astray from the facts, here. A fully loaded 2004 Mustang GT coupe retails for just over $28k. I think it might be asking a bit much to have ford chop $4000 from the retail price on the new model.

  3. maybe in canda but over here they are all 23,500 - 23,900. thats makes no sense considering a mach 1 is $30.000. any1 who pays $28,000 for a GT really loves their dealer :owned:
  4. All of this discussion is based on MSRP. It is impossible to compare the estimated MSRP of the 2005 Mustang GT to the street price of a 2004. There will be rebates on the 2005 as well, and after the initial craze most people will not pay MSRP for the GT.

  5. He was talking about fully optioned

    $25,180 GT Premium Coupe
    $345 Interior upgrade
    $730 ABS / Traction Control

    If you want to keep going

    $895 40th anniversary package
    $1,295 Mach 1000
    $815 Auto trannie
    $395 Bright 5 spoke wheels
    $29,655 Total MSRP for a fully optioned 2004 GT coupe.
  6. Doesn't he owe a lot of us money? :lol:
  7. $3,000 more for a Mustang GT is still a RIP OFF. Hear me again. RIP OFF! But there will be people out there who will pay more because they are dumb. I say just wait until the rebates come out. Then you can but one for under $24,000.
  8. Thats what I was thinking!
  9. Try a little more in Canada for MSRP...2004 Mustang Base Starts at $23,495, GT Starts at $31,795, Cobra Starts at $46,655, MACH 1 Starts at $37,895.

    Just for fun I did a build sheet for what I would like...
    2004 Ford Mustang - 2dr Convertible GT Deluxe Date: January 16, 2004

    Base MSRP $35,795
    Selected Equipment
    Order Code 170A
    Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic w/OD
    Wheels: 17" 5-Spoke Bright
    Leather Seating Surfaces Sport Buckets
    Monotone Paint Application
    Radio: Mach 1000 ETR AM/FM Stereo w/In-Dash 6-CD
    Dark Charcoal w/Leather Seating Surfaces Sport Buckets
    no extra charge
    Black Clearcoat
    no extra charge
    Black Roof
    no extra charge
    Standard Equipment
    4.6L V-8 SOHC w/SMPI 260hp
    5 speed manual trans w/OD
    4-wheel ABS
    Traction control
    P245/45R17.0 BSW Performance tires
    Engine block heater
    Battery with run down protection
    Sport suspension
    Air conditioning
    MACH 460 AM/FM stereo 6-disc CD
    Daytime running lights
    Dual power remote mirrors
    Variable intermittent wipers
    Painted alloy wheels
    Dual airbags
    SecuriLock ignition disable
    Rear window defogger
    Reclining front sports seats
    Rear bench seat

    A/C Excise Tax $100
    Destination and Delivery $945

    TOTAL MSRP* $41,390
    Of course...no one ever pays MSRP on these.
  10. Your $41,390 MSRP Total is $24,834-$25,000 in U.S. Dollars. The Canadian Dollar is worth 40% less in the United States. So, the conversion would be $24,834-$25,000. That's not bad for a brand new 2004 Mustang GT convertible. Aey?
  11. The current exchange rate is .772. That comes out to just under $32 000 US. Then add 7 to 16% sales tax, depending on what part of the country you are in.
  12. Autoweek got it right. In the latest issue here is what they say about the 2005 Mustang:

  13. Ford CA lists MSRP on the GT as starting at 31K


    I don't really care what the MSRP is going to be on these cars. I care what I will be able to get one for from the dealer when they start selling them. I walked out with a signed deal for my Delux 6 back in March of 2002 of $17,900 total including tax. It was a factory order due to the Sonic Blue. I'm going to do the same thing if they offer the non GT V8. Walk in, make an offer - they take it and I wait for delivery or they don't and I shop on. Real simple.

  14. That's Canadian $. Is that what you guys have in NY now? :p
  15. Reread his post. It said "fully loaded".
  16. Uhh, quick question, I know I am not on the '05 pages here much, but did he just say "non GT V-8?" As in, LX? Like a V-8 Mustang that is not a GT? I did not know they were seriously talking about making one.

    Also, I think the GT's are getting a tad too pricey also. I know inflation is a bee-hahtch, but remember when the '96 Cobra came out and everyone was crying about how $28K was too expensive? Don't you wish an '03 Cobra was $28K?

    Hell, I remember working at a Ford dealer in high school and seeing LX 5.0's leaving for $12-$13K! A "big money" GT canvertable fully loaded was like $20K.

    Ahhh, the good ol days...........
  17. There is not going to be a 2005 V8 Mustang for under $20K and there is not going to be a V8 Mustang under the GT like a LX.

    The GT with it's V8 will start out with a sticker a bit under $25K
  18. Built for life in Canada in the top corner of that link would be a clue. You can walk away with a GT in my area for about 22K.

    Do a search on cars.com - you can get an 03 Cobra for 27K - some dealers are selling verts at that price with a few miles on them.

  19. 0% :D