05 GT Base Price of $26,900...

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  1. Hey Xaranthu,

    I also own a 2002 V6 Mustang. Mine is the Premium Package with leather and the appearance package black stripes on the sides. I paid $18,375 for everything including taxes for mine in January 2002. Not a bad price for a fully loaded V6 Mustang. :nice:

    I want to buy the 2007/2008 Mustang GT or Cobra. :nice:
  2. My local paper did a story on the Auto Show, and a few columns on the new Mustang. It mentioned that there will be a V8 option for base (V6) model. However, it didn't say that the V8 would be the same V8 used on the GT.

    It could be the base model, with a V8 option, and no other options, is where the "under $20k" comment comes from. :shrug:

    I remember that some of the early rumors suggested that there would be two V8's for the GT. It could be that, indeed, two V8's were developed for the S197, but the lower HP V8 later became just an upgrade to the base model (leaving the higher HP v8 to the GT's one and std engine)????
  3. At this stage in the game, I think it's unlikely we'll see any big surprises. If there was going to be an LX V8, or two different V8's as an option, we'd already have more concrete evidence of that. I'd say there's a 99% chance that we're going to see exactly what's been announced -- a 202 hp V6, and a 300 hp V8, with the V8 only being available in the GT, and starting around $25k.


  4. I'm just wondering how long before we start hearing concrete news about any special editions. I don't want to commit myself to an 05, then find out 2 years later some new special (whether it's a Boss, or Mach, or whatever) that has the features I want (namely IRS).
  5. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Some of you.... geez. That price seems about right. We're talking about a all redesigned car with a 300 HP powerplant! Like everything else, prices of cars gradually increase...
  6. Not to mention greatly improved interior quality and a 100% chassis rigidity increase...