05 GT Convertible Safety Ratings?

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  1. Anyone know if there have been official Crash Tests done to the 05 GT Convertible (with the optional side airbags)? Im guessing it's going to be similar to the coupe because you can't get curtain airbags in the coupe, but you do have a hard roof over you; so rollover is the largest issue I'm, guessing.
  2. Do they usually do crash tests on convertible versions of cars that are available as hardtops? I think the side airbags are the same on the vert as they are on the coupe.

  3. As far as rollover is concerned - government tests (I think NHSA?) have shown that the Mustang is one of the LEAST likely vehicles to rollover.

    Here you go:


    This is for the coupe. I would think the vert would be less likely to tip, due to an even lower center of gravity.
  4. I found this link more helpfull since you can click on the tests to find out more on what the results mean... Check it out... Also has some nice crash test pictures of the 2005 Mustang and videos... Not that we want to crash them, but they gave their lives for the safety of us... :flag:

  5. But if you do roll your vert, it's going to hurt. :rlaugh:
  6. I haven't seen anything suggesting that the 05 Mustang vert has a reinforced windshield but my guess is that it does. It does not have the little popup rollbars, though. I've heard several reports of people walking away after rolling BMW 3-series verts (reinforced windshield and popup rollbars) but I don't know about the Mustang...
  7. Talking to the dealer/autoshow people, the mustang has what it sounds like you are saying is a reinforced windsheild: it can support the car on it. But there are no pop-up roll bars like in the Audi A4 vert, so I guess you may be safe if the car just flips but if anyone in the rear doesnt have a chance. Well hey, until Volvo's sexylicious hardtop convertible comes out its the best we can do for under 30 grand :D

  8. Depends how hard yer head is...