Engine 05 Gt Crazy Engine Noise...can't Be Good Any Thoughts?

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by greglory, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. My first post should be way more joyous then this. This is intermittent and never when the mechanic has the car. Of course I received the typical camshaft position code, mechanic replaced the sensor and drove it a few more times. I get it home and this...
  2. Is there sufficient engine oil? That sounds like an engine running without any oil.
    A common cause of the camshaft position sensor code is a bad alternator and if there's insufficient voltage reaching the VCT solenoids, there may not be enough oil being fed to the cam phasers.
  3. That damn thing sounds like a diesel! How many miles are on the car? Is there a Check Engine Light or other lights?

    I would check the oil level first then, depending on the mileage, start checking some other things.
  4. That noise comes and goes? WTF? IF you had a cam position DTC then perhaps a VCT solenoid is stuck? I can't tell from video exactly where noise is but I would say don't drive it.
  5. Yes Cam Phaser, I said VCT solenoid...oops I was in Turdyota mode. LOL
  6. Bingo. Replaced bank 2 and haven't heard it since. Idle noticeably quieter....so fingers crossed. What a PITA. 100400 miles on engine btw, and no power loss or anything when it would happen...crazy. I can't complain, I've never had a problem with her in the 10 years I've had her. Th a no you guys for chiming in and giving me some starting points!