05 GT for a 03-04 cobra???

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  1. I have an 05 mustang gt with full exhaust, sct custom tune, cold air intake and 20 inch rims. It is like a dream car, but I have always had a thing for the 6 speed and the some what factory build 4v of the 03-04 cobra's. Do you think it is a bad trade? Also I can't seem to find a decent deal on a 03-04 cobra. They all want way to much or they are beat with high miles. I would like any and all opinions. :shrug:
  2. swap a cobra drivetrain in the gt :shrug:
  3. You pay a lot for a crap 03-04 Cobra, A nice one will make your jaw drop. But, You get what you pay for. The Cobra is not going to lose money like the GT will. If you get a nice one and keep it nice it will be worth more in 5 years than what you paid for it.
  4. You'll find one either beaten to hell and a high price, or a prestigous one with a high price. High price being the common factor. That's nature with the Termi's. Throw on a KB or whipple, and you'll be up if not past them. 4v motors are nice though. But remember your S197 chassis is a huge improvement over the previous one. That alone would be my deciding factor.

    You can always find a Tremec 6 speed, and if you aren't happy with the 3v, step up to a 4v.
  5. Yeah I love the inside of the 05 but at the same time just want the ability to bolt on a blower and be gone with the cobra. I took the stang out last night for a quick cruise and got to see how the ricers have taken over. These kids these days just bolt a muffler on a civic or something similar and think it is fast. I guess I need to see what I can find. I am happy with the 05 but if i keep it, it will need some add ons. At least a cowl hood.
  6. oh man, dont go cowl on an 05, put a shaker system on that bad boy and cut the current hood. :nice:
  7. I would keep the 05 to and put a blower on it. You know how well you treated your car but you do not know how well that cobra was treated.
  8. Good point on the way the car has been treated. It was owned by an older man in my neighborhood and got most of its miles from his going to work down the street. I guess it is just a dream. I wanted a cobra back when I got the mach 1 brand new in 04. OH and you don't like the cowl hood? I just think it would look pretty good.
  9. Just put a blower on your 05. Also your insurance will increase about $250-300 every 6mths if you get a cobra.
  10. This is how I look at the S197 mustang. The engine bay is so big you can fit just about any motor in there with out any problems. So wether you are thinking about putting a 5.4DOHC or a future motor that ford will come out with you can do it no problem. Don't misunderstand me you can put a 5.4 in a fox body but its like cramming a fat man in a mini. It can be done but it just looks....off.