05 Gt Glitch Help Needed

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by gary vh, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. Need help from anyone who has experienced or heard of these 05 GT symptoms. Have read hundreds of posts and found nothing quite like it, so don't know if combination of issues hit at same time. Original owner, 140M on it now with no major repairs - starter/alternator/battery 2 years old, proper maintenance. Mustang running fine, then won't start after coming out from work, cranks fine didn't seem to be getting fuel. Go home to get tools, but started right up. No codes, nothing else to do other than begin checking forum for info. Runs great for four days, does it again. Old school, so shake trunk and it starts up right away, so fuel pump right? Replace fuel filter and fuel pump, runs great for a week then won't start after running errand for a couple of hours. Forum guys say fuel pump driver module or connectors, so check & change FPDM to be safe, connectors look good. Runs great for 3 or 4 days, same thing. Read all about sulphur and put Techron in, starts and runs fine for another few days, then stalls while driving at slow speed. Sits for a few hours, starts right up, more forum searches and it sits for a few days as read more forum blogs, talk to online Ford tech (paid) who says fuel pump (psi great when running) and upgraded pump, so no way same symptons. Ohms good for wiring as well, and cleaned jet transfer pump carefully too. Fuel relay switch and fuses replaced as well. Still no codes through all of this. Changed mass airflow sensor as well as saw a similar thread, but no effect. Have read a lot of threads about throttle body issues (have always kept clean), and fuel rail issues, but many local pony "experts" don't believe these would prevent starting, just rich or lean issues when running. Still let it run some as items replaced (no error codes other than P1000 as I hoped a PCM reset would work), and now stalled on highway at 70mph cruising, no warning and towed home. Will not start at all now, great cranking power. Any thoughts/ideas or add'l suggestions before towed into dealership would be appreciated. Fuel & speedometer gauge motors going out as well, would that malfunction cause car not to start? Thanks everyone! Gary - seriously wanting to win this one.
  2. Any codes after it stalled?
  3. No codes and none now as tuner is saying no access. That has been the case throughout, no codes thrown. Symptons remind me of vapor lock in the old days.
  4. Any mods? If I read correctly you have 140,000 miles? Possible throttle body electronics.
  5. Would the throttle body electronics prevent the car from starting? In the threads, it always seems to cause rich or lean running. Would the TPS alone do that or if this could cause a fail safe etc. to prevent car starting, should I go ahead and replace it all since original OEM?
  6. K & N COI only, would throttle body issue send a signal to PCM not to start?
  7. If there is no throttle signal its possible but I'm just throwing it out there. Would be hard to test being its intermitent.
  8. Well, I've gone to basics and to extremes this week. Went back and checked alternator (g00d), battery (good), fuses (good), and finally replaced the entire throttle body assembly (IAC, TSP, TB) due to all the threads about how bad these are and many symptons matched. Alas, no change. P1000 of course came up, and now P0689 ECM/PCM low circ relay (which I replaced relay as well just in case), no change, won't start. I hate not being able to track it down & paying to tow to unknown local shop. Any Rochester MI diagnostic shop recommendations out there? Or any other wild or crazy ideas? Thanks - beaten in MI
  9. P0689 means you either have a bad ECM or a bad ground. Start checking grounds.
  10. Thanks - haven't done this before. How many grounds/where to check? Off battery, PCM anywhere else?
    Is replacing a PCM something I can do with web/forum help if it comes to that ormust take to a dealer/shop? Thanks!
  11. You should try and find a wiring diagram of all grounds. As for PCM replacement if required you may have to go to dealer, I'm not sure if they can be purchased over the counter already programmed to your car.