05 GT in the snow

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  1. I finally gave up on my 96 Explorer after the tranny went out earlier this year and am left with only my 05 GT. I was a little nervous last week when we got 4-5 inches of snow and I had to drive my Mustang to work.... but no worries at all. I had bought 4 Firestone Winterforce M+S winter tires for her and threw 4 bags of sand in the back and she stuck to the road like a champ. Obviously I started in 2nd gear everytime and was cruising slower than usual in 5th gear but she gave me no troubles.

    If you have to drive your GT in the snow, I recommend these Winterforces with sand bags in the trunk. Your GT won't let you down.:nice:
  2. Just drove 600 km (Roughly 360m) through snow and Ice on the P-Zero Nero's and made it in 6 hours. I have been driving her year round since new for work. I can't wait to get another car so I can start the Mods....
  3. That is reassuring to hear from another source that our cars aren't horrible in the snow. You are smart though in remembering that driving slow is the best way to drive! What part of the country are you in?

    I actually highly recommend AGAINST sand bags in the trunk. The best place for sand bags is actually in the back seat, or anywhere in front of the rear axle. While being in the trunk is better if you get stuck, for regular driving, its more of a hassle. The farther back towards the rear of the car you place the sand bags, the more difficult it becomes to correct an error in case of oversteer. The added mass adds significant rotational interia during a spin, lessening your chances of recovery. On the same note, it would make it more difficult to break loose the rear end, but placing the bags in the middle will have nearly as good of an effect without the drawback.
  4. Massillon, Ohio. Its south of Akron, by Canton.
  5. I drove through last winter with the stock Pirellis and although I survived it drove alright I wanted more traction this winter so I bought some Hankook Icebears which have been amazing so far this winter. I have to really try to get the Mustang out of shape for it to start sliding. Since putting these snow tires on I'm questioning ever buying an AWD car for the winter months.
  6. we got about 4-5 inches last week and all of my customers were surprised to see i made it to work. i did it with the stock pirellis and no sand bags or weight added. blah blah blah stangs suck in the snow blah blah blah. the S197 is not bad in the snow. people seem to have a stereotype about RWD in the snow. if you are familiar with snow, RWD should not be a problem. i have been driving RWD in the snow since i started driving. use common sense and slow down. thats all there is to it!
  7. Funny thing, I grew up in Iowa at a time when there was nothing but rear wheel drives. Gee, wonder how we ever made it if RWD is so bad in the snow. I, in fact, hated the first few FWD cars I had to drive in the snow. Just learn how to drive what ya got and have fun.
  8. Last winter, the only problems I encountered was the start. Spinning until I gained traction. Being the auto, I just put it in 2nd gear(locks the trans out of 1st)and after that, it was a breeze...traveling at moderate speeds, cautiously of course. A few times, when I had the room, I would kick the tail out to have some fun and practice. The '00 GT I had was hidious in the snow!
  9. Lots of Ice here in Kansas this week, and the Stang is doing awesome! It's scary sometimes, but it certainly is very fun!

  10. I kept my stock wheels for winter use and put some Michelin Alpine PA2 tires on them. The car handles great in the snow. No sand or anything in the trunk.

    It's all about having the right tires for the job and, as said above, using your head when you drive in low traction conditions.
  11. Snow

    Just got a set of Michelin Pilot Sport A/S. Only had it in the snow once but I couldn't believe how good it was. Still have excellent manners on dry roads too. Best tires I ever bought.
  12. I literaly live 15 miles from you. Down by canton south :)

    Glad to hear you guys arent having "many" problems with the cars in the snow. I may be getting an 09' Challenger next year, and if so, my 05 may be come my daily. Never really had her in the snow, but may not be as bad as I had dreaded.

    Thanks for the input fellas!!:hail2:
  13. Next time send us a football player who doesn't get in trouble with the law! :D
  14. We had 4-5 inches here, and drove the Mustang to work yesterday. It was quite interesting lol. Fun though. Did some donuts in the parking lot, although all it wanted to do was slide, not do donuts :lol: