05 GT Internal Engine Specs ??

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by scubastang, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. Obviously the compression is up to 9.8, 3 valve heads, aluminum block etc.

    I am interested in if anyone knows the specs on the internals of the new 3-valve engine. Weak internal parts is a major reason that has kept me from purchasing a newer GT and adding boost.

    The recent 4.6 SOHC has crappy rods and pistons (mostly rods though) that are not truly reliable beyond 400rwhp- even though the 4.6 blocks themselves are good for almost 600hp with their beefier mains etc.

    Any word on whether they are stepping up the internals to any forged or stronger components than the weak ass current mod motor internals?

    I would be very disappointed if Ford didn't at least make a attempt to have a solid base to work with that could reliably handle some boost without busting rods and pistons

  2. Ford has made an attempt to have a solid base. The Cobra motor holds plenty of boost.
  3. Considering the head and block are aluminum I'd be surprised if it had forged rods and pistons.

  4. Ummm yeah, and I am talking about the 05 GT 4.6, not the current Cobra. :stick:
  5. i THINK WE'LL BE IN TROUBLE ADDING A BLOWER TO THE 2005; that would take the h.p. to 400 or so and the 03 Cobra's aluminum block could not handle it. That's why the 03 Cobra switched to an iron block.
  6. They did it for durability reasons. They didn't feel the Cobra block was strong enough. But if you look at the 96-01 cobra's. Many have S/C and haven't broken yet.
  7. they did it for cheapness reasons
  8. :lol: