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  1. ok so lets see how bad i screwed up my profile. FIRST POST FTW! ok peeps, my car is a mostly stock 99h. no engine upgrades. heres what im looking for

    super charger: (preferably whipple but considering all options and deals) must push 6-10 psi. if the kit isnt complete, i need to know whats broken/missing, the details about the parts, and where to find them for the cheapest.

    cams: some nice ones that will be fine to run with everything else being stock and the sc. ive heard a lot of horror stories from my buddies about people selling just cams and them needing a ton of other stuff so if you offer me something on here, please include the phasers and whatever else i may need. if you dont, please provide details about the parts and where i can find them for cheapest.

    bigger throttle body: if it needs an adaptor plate, please include along with hardware. motor too would be nice but not required

    shorty headers: < nuff said

    Shelby styled center dash guage cluster: looking for a pod and looking for ford racing guages. if i have to, i can order the guages from autometer.

    hurst short throw shifter: <nuff said

    GT/CS styled front bumper or lip: i dont want the classics design lip or any of that other crap. ill offer good money if someone wants to send me the lip off their gtcs or w/e and will also send them my lower grill insert. i just need that lip or the bumper. i know i can find one on late model resto but i dont want to pay that much if theres another option.i wont need the lower grill cause imgonna do the shelby hertz gt lower grill lights thing.

    ummm i think thats about it. my budget is $5000 and if you own/operate a business and give me a good enough deal, ill throw your site on my car a my expence. holla!!!

    heres a funny pic for you
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  2. still looking... anything? anyone???
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