05 gt or 02 ws6

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  1. hey guys,

    im new to this forum, just wanted to say you guys have a great forum. i have a o2 gt with the vortech s/c in it, put it in myself and runs great. i have had a couple of stangs in the past and loved them all. yesterday i test drove the 05 and that is one sweet ride, solid and quiet. i have an oppurtunity to aquire an o2 ws6 with 6500 miles on it and i am having a tough time deciding.
    i have always been a mustang fan,but the only car that gm ever made that i relly like is 98-02 ws6 t/a. i have more experiance with stangs than f-bodies and i was just curious as to what your guys opinions were on these two cars. i know the 05 is a new car and it going to be a much smoother and solid riding car compared to the ws6, but just love the look of the t/a. the only thing that bothers me about ls1 is the piston slap issue. some f-body guys have teried to tell me that ford has the same problem, but i have had a 96gt,a fox body and an f-150 and have never noticed or heard anything. any help on these things would be greatly appreciated. :flag:
    thanks anthony
  2. I can tell you what I would do............ but this really is your decision.

    Of course I would buy the new car. Even though the TA only has 6500 miles on it, the problem is that performance vehicles frequently have the living crap beat out of them. I am always very leary about purchasing used performance vehicles.

    However, like I said, it is your choice. Drive both back to back, and buy the one YOU like best. Don't just buy one over the other because you like the way it looks. You spend your time inside the car, not outside watching it drive away. Also, looks can be very fleeting. This means that what you think looks hot today, may just look boy racy tomorrow.

    Anyway, that is my suggestion. If you decide to go with the used car, have it check out very carefully by a qualified mechanic. Hopefully this will keep you from buying a money pit.

    Good luck on your choice.
  3. This is excellent advice! It's your money, buy the one that is right for you. Forum members can give you their opinions, but at then end of the day, it's your money and you have to live with the car you choose.
  4. I personally love the ws6 but I drool over the 05...it is really up to you but I think that there is something special about being a car's first and maybe only owner...plus the 05 is very hot right now you'll have everyone's attention that is for sure and the retro styling is unbeatable...I put up another vote for the 05!
  5. I'm a two time F-Body owner. I like them. The advice you are getting is sound. Especially about having a mechanic look it over. If the owner refuses, walk away.

    If you want to learn about the LS1, this is the place to go www.ls1.com
    Be aware that missing a shift in these bends rods real easy. I have to wonder why a WS6 has so few miles on them.

    Like the above posters say. Drive it, inspect it, research it. It is your money your spending.

    Given a choice I'd buy the Mustang. I can't see spending money on what is a dead platform. BTW, I saw an ad for a 2002 SS vert for $31,000 or so. Has 20 miles on it.
  6. Another vote for the 05 here. However, Ford has had piston slap issues as well before. My 2000 GT did it when the car was cold, I hated it. Despite this though my vote is still for the mustang.
  7. How much are they asking for the T/A you're looking at? If it's only like $18k or so, I'd jump all over that...but if they're asking something like $23k, I'd prolly go for the newer car for a couple grand more.

    Piston slap is kind of a common "problem" on the LS1s but it's nothing that I'd worry about (I don't). LS1s are pretty stout and I've never seen any evidence of piston slap causing a problem or shortening the life of the engine.

    Yes, bent pushrods are another "problem." As said though, it's almost always because of mechanical over-rev...IOW, don't raise the stock rev-limiter much (6250 is stock) and don't miss a shift (a pro 5.0 helps). Also, a lot of people would tell you that they'd rather bend a pushrod than a valve. Oh and if the T/A is an auto, you obviously wont have to worry much about it.

    Drive both and buy the one you like better...and good luck with whichever one you choose.

    I'd actually recommend ls1tech.com over ls1.com.
  8. I'll tell you my story. About two years ago i was on the lookout for either a 98 Yellow Cobra or a 98-99 LS1 Trans Am. Obviously it was easier to find a 98-99 TA than find a 98 YELLOW COBRA! However to find a 98-99 TA at a good price was even harder. Needless to say i found a HECK of a deal with a 98 yellow Cobra. I was leaning more toward the Cobra because i have always been a Mustang owner and the Cobra would be more exclusive than an LS1. However i loved the look of a TA with T-Tops.
    I'd say if your a Mustang fan then get the Stang. Im happy i bought the Cobra. I think it was the best choice over the LS1. I've even beaten LS1's stock to stock. (most of them WERE NOT WS6's though.) It's that extra 1,000 RPMs that helps on the Cobras. :nice:
    But really you need to pick the one you will be happier driving in the long run, if you plan on keeping the car for a while. TA's are awesome cars with Mean looks to back up it's power, but the reliability on those cars arent near as good as the Mustangs. However i cant say for the 05 because reports arent in yet. But it sounds like a solid car.
    Either car you pick, hopefully you'll be happy with what you invest in. :flag:
  9. Some great advice above. I'd echo the "piston slap" thing with the LS1 - it is not a big deal, and that alone should not discourage you.

    I would recommend driving the T/A. I had a 99 for a while, and though it had many, many good points, after a while, I found I did not like the seating position and visibility - two of the main reasons I traded it for my 99 Cobra. However, some others LOVE the seating position - it is a personal preference, but something you should be aware of.

    Best of luck with whatever you chose.

  10. :rolleyes: Ws6 and non WS6 were the same on Dynos... You must have a nicely modded 98 cobra to take out the LS1s.

    For looks, either car you cant go wrong. However, if you want your car to look good in a couple of years, maybe even as short as a year then go with the TA. There will be mustangs on every corner, and with the WS6 you will still be in a minority. Performance wise, the WS6 will outrun the Stang. Doesnt seem like that would matter to you though since you seem to be into modding.
  11. I forgot about that place. Good place to visit too.
  12. that's a tough choice that i made myself a while ago.

    i am a long time ford/mustang fan and was drooling over the pics of the new GT and waiting for it's release but instead chose a ls1 firehawk after taking one for a test ride. the '02 WS6 that you mentioned should still be under factory warranty and if it is you should be able to extend it if you choose. i haven't had any problems with my firehawk yet and as far as the car having low miles it shouldn't be a factor, if it's like mine i only use it on sunny days in the summertime. it's also great to own something that isn't seen very often, i only spot 2 or 3 other firehawks a year.

    take both cars for a test ride and let that be the determining factor not other peoples opinions.
  13. When i owned a 98 TA back in 1998 it looked great, but it has not aged well .Today it has that bat mobile look. As a car collector ,the 1970 boss 302 was allways great to look at , and still looks good today. The 05 gt has that same look only more refined. Well that's my two cent's.
  14. hi guys,

    thanks for all the info, the t/a is 22500 and its in great condition. its been garaged and is completely stock right down to the p/a,however, the new o5 is one bad ass car. i know the t/a's have some problems such as knocking,eating oil(quart or more between o/c), head light gears stripping,leaky t-tops, rattles and so on but as nice as the new stang is,in a year or so they will be everywhere and the t/a will be getting more rare. i definatly agree that the stang is a more reliable car, i ve had two stangs and an o2 gt now and not one of them gave me trouble except for my 96 gt which broke the r/e, but that was my fault, tried to do my first gear swap myself and did not get the mesh right. thanks for the objective views and not bashing me for cosidering a ws6 over the new stang. to me its all about cars and trying everything except rice although there some ricers that have some pretty sweet rides. i am having a tough time deciding so maybe i will just wait for the 07 cobra, i know that wont be a wrong choice. :nice:

    thanks, anthony
  15. Being a stang owner, I would personally go with the WS6. The LS1 is already a proven engine and makes great power. With a cam swap and some boltons you are over 400RWHP and it is still very streetable!
  16. Well i wonder why that is? RAM AIR my friend. Of course they are going to be the same on the DYNO. No air is being thrust into the RAM AIR SYSTEM.
    If my Cobra was modded i would have said so and i would have told you how i SPANKED the LS1's. But these were close races, but i nudged ahead simply because the 32V motor redlines at 7,000 rpms where the LS1 has to shift by 6,000rpms. Every race i did with a stock LS1 was dead even until they shifted to the next gear. Thats when i would pull ahead and finally shift myself and it kept me ahead of them by just a bit. Maybe they just sucked at driving. Maybe all of them were automatics. I dont know. But i doubt all that since this was with at least 5 different LS1's. TAs and SS's. And no these werent LT1's cause those i seriously SPANKED. Wasnt even close on those.
    No my Cobra is stock except for flowmaster mufflers and thats it. Hopefully that'll change soon but who knows.
    I myself have alot of respect for LS1's. Comon, i wanted one for myself. But i stuck with my roots and bought the Stang and am very happy with it. :nice:
    Oh and dont let someone tell you that the new 05 Stang will get beat by a WS6, because Mach 1's beat the WS6's and the 05 stang is identical with it's performance.
  17. I am sorry...but you are full of it

    I can beat ls1's because I can shifter later? what the heck...why dont you learn something about cars before you start posting a bunch of crap.

    A mach 1 and an Ls1 car is a drivers race if they are both manuals. If they are both auto's the Ls1 will win....I would give a slight edge to the Ls1 due to the fact that the cars are nearly identical in weight and gearing and the fact that the 01-02 ls1 cars tend to dyno 10-20 rwhp more than a mach 1....but dyno numbers are just that...dyno numbers...and I am also biased...a mustang guy would say a mach 1 is faster...whatever

    An 05 gt WILL NOT WILL NOT WILL NOT beat an 02 ws6...are you crazy?
    THe stonger 01-02 ws6 ss cars have been known to dyno up to 328rwhp bone stock, they averag around 310. Why dont you read the earlier thread in this very forum where they only got 255 rwhp out of an 05 gt on a DYNOJET...after tuning, CAI, cat back and some free mods it was still only 280 rwhp.And they dont weigh any less than an f-body..so just forget that part

    You are also an idiot if you think that a 96-98 cobra is faster than an ls1. You could have beaten them...but it was only because you were ther better driver.

    by the way...03-04 cobras rock...they own ls1's

    the end
  18. http://www.engine-power.com/pontiac/firebird_ws6.html
    double check your sources cause I have never seen a car dyno more rwhp than they came with flywheel horsepower when they were bone stock so I'm sorry you did not see a 2002 t/a dyno 328 rwhp...In my humble opinion the 2002 t/a is faster than the 98 cobra however it is close enough that I would say it could be a driver's race...
    btw 02 ws6 and 05 gt....another driver's race however even closer...
  19. so to say he's crazy that an 05 gt will beat an 02 ws6 is ridiculous...they are right there in the quarter mile neck to neck...
  20. hmmm,

    this is interesting, i have heard that a strong ws6 can dyno at 320 bone stock. here is what i dont quite understand. the ws6 is rated from the factory at 325hp, now if you acount for a 15 - 20 percent loss thru drive train you come out to somewhere between 270 280 rwh. in order to make 320 at the wheels you would have to be making 368 hp at the crank and thats at 15 percent, so either the t/a has the most efficiant drive train in the universe or i'm calling :bs: . people say manufactures underate for insurance, i pay 100 bucks amonth for my gt and i called my insurace guy and asked him what it would be for a 02 ws6 and he said it would go up 6 dollars, so insurance and hp are not directly connected(and the t/a is almost 70 - 80hp more). why would they underate? my gt put out a blistering 217hp stock at the back and its 260hp at the the crank according to the factory(20%loss). i,m mot going make a choice on a car on a car just because it 2 tenths faster, if it did came down to speed it would have to put a complete and total ass spanking on it(at least 3 0r 4 car lengths). anyway, just some thoughts. i think the 05 is awesome and i bet that thing will respond to very few boltons. i was driving around tonite and happen to see a ram air in rear view and i have to say that there is no other car that says "get the **** outta my way " like the ram air. maybe i'll get an 05 and duck tape a ws6 ram air hood on it :D