05 gt or 02 ws6

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  1. Go to any camaro site (dont be biased) and just ask about 01-02 dynoing 320 plus....you will find plenty of evidence.

    Any race could technically be a drivers race...what I meant by that was that they are almost equal in performance....and from the numbers..it does not look like they are close enough to warrant this a "drivers race"

    A 96-98 cobra has MORE power than a new GT why would it be even closer?

    Oh and ls1's and 96-98 cobras make their peak power at a difference of 200 rpm....if you were shifting that much later then you were going to long.

    And go ahead and check this out just to prove to you what an ls1 is capable of...http://www.airflowresearch.com/

    Go to the LS1 dyno test. This is a NEAR STOCK ls1, the ls6 intake came standard on 01-02 ls1 cars. It is running a flowmaster muffler that produce almost no horsepower. It has long tube headers. So go ahead and take off 30 horsepower....this ls1 would produce around 400 horsepower...BONE STOCK Oh and a mere 530 with heads and cam.

    They can dyno 320 to the wheels ALL DAY...PERIOD
  2. Oh and check your sources. The t/a had a 345 horse option.

    Oh and go check exotic performance plus website. They usually see 260-280 rwhp on their hd1750 MUSTANG DYNO. So...they see an AVERAGE of around 310 rwhp on a dynojet.

    Once again I say...it can dyno at over 320.
  3. Not to flame here...but you fellas don’t know too much about LS1s huh? :p

    It’s pretty common knowledge that LS1s (in the F-bodies) were seriously underrated, especially with the Z28, Formula and T/A because they were only rated at 305/310HP. Now I’m not saying that all LS1 F-bodies dyno 320+rwhp or that most do but some will...and most others will be around 290-310rwhp.

    Camaro, Firebird: $25-30k

    Corvette: $45-50k

    As a potential Vette buyer, would you want a car (that's made by the same manufacturer no less) that costs basically half as much as your Corvette to have just as much HP?
  4. Oh crap, one last thing, LS1 speed in chicago that has a dynojet...that has dynoed over 700 ls1 cars has claimed the AVERAGE baseline for a 98 ls1 car is 300 rwhp, 01-02 cars are consistently about 10-15 wrhp better that 98-00 cars.

    pssst...OVER HERE....they can dyno over 320.
  5. You're an LS1 owner so you know all about manufacturer's ratings. :rolleyes:

    The '05 Mustang GT is a little underrated...they're prolly making more like 320 or so HP. The new GT is also geared quite a bit better than the '96-'01 Cobras were.

    Stock vs. stock, an '05 GT could/would give an LS1 F-body a really good run...the LS1 would have the advantage the longer the race goes but until 70-80mph, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see the Mustang a little ahead.
  6. ws6 way to go my friends got one i wanted it till i bought my o5 GTO yeah thats a 6.0 LS2 with just a few 400 hp of fun to destroy 90% of the cars on the road
  7. I know how they do the rating...but the way all the stang boys talk about the 96-98 cobras...I figured they would be just as underrated.And I was comparing 2 cars from the same company...so how is that unfair....lol nevermind...ford did OVERRATE mustangs before...haha

    It would be close...but what do you consider close?...the bottom line is the ls1 will dyno on an average of more than 50rwhp better.

    I guess you could see the mustang a little ahead if the f-body had traction problems...but their is no reason why it would be ahead besides that, at any time.
  8. Oh...and one more thing....on this very forum an 05 gt MANUAL dynoed at 255 rear wheel.....looks like the new gt is OVERRATED...not underrated....even with a 17 percent driveline loss it only equates to 298...LOL

    With a CAI, cutsom tune, free mods, and a cat back...it shatered the earth with 280rwhp...still 20-30 hp behind the average ls1 car.
  9. Truth. Most LS1 Fbodies avg low 13's in the 1/4. They also trap 6mph higher than a stang and that is all with a 60' that is .2 to .4 tenths slower.

    They also dyno 40+whp consistently.

    And as for a highway race, it would be a blowout, the LS1 would run away from an 05 GT or Mach 1. Definitely not a Cobra though so dont even bring it in to this...
  10. Okay you wanna play that way Ultraz, fine let's have it your own educated way. Since your the stat brain here.
    Because it's a different engine that has MUCH better low end TORQUE. The car does 0-30 in under YES UNDER 2 Seconds. Also the car is geared better than a 98 Cobra. Same with the MACH 1's. The Mach's have almost identical stats with the WS6's in terms of 0-60 and 1/4 mile times as well as the new 05 Stangs. And both are underrated in terms of Power. That we all know except you. But oh no, you sound like you think that ONLY LS1's are the underrated cars. Pleeeeze!! :rolleyes:

    OH and Umm........your WRONG!! Dude, you really REALLY need to look this info up before you come on hear bragging that you know everything about LS1's and Cobras when it's OBVIOUS you DONT KNOW JACK!!!
    "98 COBRA Horsepower (SAE net) 305 @ 5,800 RPM
    Torque - 300 @ 4,800 RPM
    Redline - 6,800 RPM (fuel shut-off at 7,000 RPM)"

    "98 Trans AM 305hp @ 5200 rpm with torque figures at 335 lbs.-ft @ 4000rpm"

    Let me see. 5,800 minus 5,200 = uhhh.......200?? NO wait.......uhh 300? nope.................600? ohhhhh... 600 difference in RPM's. Where did you get 200? :shrug:
    Okay so i just proved you to be wrong and not very knowledgeable about your info. I mean cmon, you even had to ask why the new 05 would be faster than a 98 Cobra when all your doing is looking at horsepower.
    I believe in the saying "Know your ENEMY!!" I've always found that most FORD MUSTANG enthusiasts know all about the LS1's LT1's etc. But alot of GM people (Not all of course) act like they know ALL about the Stangs but when you confront them on it, they dont know even HALF of what they brag to know.
    You might as well go back to your LS1 forums because i just made you look like an A$$ and which you rightly deserved for attacking my integrity. And you called ME the idiot? :rolleyes:
    Sorry Ultraz, you've been :owned:
    Oh and learn how to spell. :nice:

    GTP, most of my races against stock LS1's were on the highway where i pulled away at 6,000 rpms. Mach 1's and New 05 GT's are faster than my 98 Cobra which would mean your wrong and dont know half of what your talking about either. Just like ULTRAZ! :rolleyes:
  11. Nice post. :nice:

  12. Your math is wrong. At 255RWHP with a 17% driveline loss (too high for a manual but we'll go with it), yields 307HP at the flywheel. It's calculated like this:

    255/.83 = 307

    Manuals are usually considered to have a 15% loss, which yields 300HP.

    Not only are you a troll, you're apparantely incompetent in math as well.
  13. GTP2GTO....could you please post a picture of your GTP and GTO? Or point to the post in which you originally showed us your cars?

    Thank you.
  14. 2002 WS6 Trans Am
    Horsepower : 320-325 hp @ 5200 rpm
    Torque : 340-350 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
    Redline : 6000 rpm

    Thats hilarious, maybe you had a freak cobra or something, or you were racing incompetent drivers. But whatever, good kills.

    I dont see what the big deal is here. Trans Ams and Camaros dyno 305-320whp. That is significantly more than a 98 Cobra, 05GT, or Mach One. They all weigh about the same. LS1 Fbodies especially the ones with the LS6 manifold are faster cars period. And to say that 05 GTs are comparable, well the very best times which are still unproven but we will use them for example are [email protected] with a 1.8 60'. The best time for an LS1 Fbody is in the high 12's and several have done it. The average time for an LS1 Fbody is low 13's with a 2.0+ 60' trapping at 106mph. Hmmmm trapping 6mph faster. I guess that has nothing to do with a highway race comparing top-end pull...LT1's trap 100mph....

    One more argument for the underated HP argument. Look at the GTO. It has the same motor as the T/As and Camaros with the LS6 manifolds and is rated at 355whp. And somehow it dynos the same as the T/As at 310whp give or take.
    That would suggest that the motor was underated.

  15. I will take a new picture of the GTO tonight just for you. From inside and out or however you would like. I will post it on here tonight when I get home.
  16. No need. I'd prefer to see the pics you posted a few days ago, as it looks like you have deleted them. If you could please just post them again, that would be fine.


  17. I didnt delete them...

    Nice that you qouted the rpm for the base model 98 non ram air model....we are talking about the 01-02 ws6 345 horse option....which is 5600...so your wrong again....but your just picking on little thing and tryoing to avoid the truth.

    I calculated the 17 percent loss by multiplying 255 by .17...and I got 298...if that is the wrong way I stang corrected....but even so...why are you calling me ignorant and not knowing about how cars are rated etc???

    When I have shown you proof...you even have it on your very own site of the 05 dynoing at 255 rear wheel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The average ls1 will dyno around 50 horsepower more...what in the heck is wrong with you people....you guys refuse to give any of my sources credibility and wont even talk about them...got to airflowresearch.com...or ls1speed.com...or exotic performance plus....

    I have PROOF...you have NOTHING....what are you arguing me on...hopes and dreams?

    I have no problem admitting the 03 cobra will beat an ls1 when it dynoes at around 40-50 more rear wheel on average and I am sure as hell not going to sit here and tell everyone that an ls1 is faster...how stupid would that be???
    and that is EXACTLY what you are doing...when the numbers between an ls1 and 05 gt are around the same difference between an 03 cobra and an ls1....just get your head out of your ass for one second.
  19. Oh. Could you please post the link to them? I can't seem to find them. Better yet, you attached them to that post, so if you could just please attach them to your next reply to this post, that would work just fine.