05 gt or 03-04 cobra

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  1. Which would you rather have? an 05 gt or a 03-04 cobra. I know this is going to be lopsided here but i figured id give it a shot to see what people think. I'd but either one if the price is right. Just saying this because im considering tradin in the stang now that i have a good job and can pay for it on my own. I'm fed up with living off of my family's money.
  2. Hope this helps your decision
  3. 03/04 Cobra ANYDAY...

    Lets see... 4V, T56, Forged internals, blower and 390hp from the factory

    Or.. 3V, 5-spd, crappy internals, N/A and 300hp from the factory.

    You make the call :nice:
  4. Hmm kinda hard pick..I drive alot of 05 and 06s at work but a cobra would be nice too..Hmm drive both and pick one..
  5. :hail2:

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  6. Yup bow to the Cobra
  7. Do u even need to ask???
  8. alright i know it was lopsided. I shouldnt have even started this one you guys made the decision for me, if someone can find me an 03/04 cobra good priced it might just be mine, they all go here for more than an 05-06 gt
  9. 05+ ALL TEH WAY!!!!!!111111111111

    yeah ok :puke:
  10. 03/04 Cobra

    Espically a Black 2003 annaversary Cobra hardtop:SNSign:

    or the 07 GT500:hail2:
  11. Look in all these sites. there currently several selling for less than 24k.


    It took me 2-3 months to find my 03 and I drove for over 400miles to go pick it up.
    I got one bone stock 03 with 28k miles for $21k:flag: It was well worth the wait!:nice:
  12. The only problem is ill have to trade off my gt in order to buy a new car, so i really need it from a dealership unless i can sell my mustang for good money.
  13. autotrader.com
  14. I don't even have to answer this do i?
    autotrader +1
  15. This question is easier than the one where someone asked for my name.
  16. COBRA!!!!

    They are masterpeices.

    390 HP 4v 4.6... Just happens to have forged internals also.

    A few hundred bucks and you can unleash stupid amounts of power.

    6 speed tranny...

    Damn good looks...

    Only made for two years, so its gonna be sought after one day.
  17. UHHH a FOX BODY 347 Twin TURBO with double 100 shots in each turbo :hail2: oh then i wake up and relize my 2v sux balls and i want 4v because 3v means you are part homo. LOL get a cobra :nice:
  18. I gotta go with the cobra. It's a better performing car, better looking....05+ are nice, and I like them sure, but, right now, I would buy the cobra. Bone stock it will stomp most cars, and if you invest money....forget about it, the potential is awesome, and the motors can take it.
  19. :lol: Funny.

    4V all the way.