05 gt or 03-04 cobra

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  1. To be fair, you need to pose this question in the 2005+ forums. All the answers here I'd expect to favor the Cobra.
  2. +1 For the 03/04 Cobra... That is going to be my next car, I have never even considered an 05+ GT.
  3. 03-04 Cobra
    My husbands got an 06 gt and it's friggin awsome, but when he told me I could trade mine in for an 07 I said no thanks. Like the way mine looks and drives just a little better, and it's not even a Cobra.
  4. I think I shart my pants with that one. :lol:
  5. Cobra hands down. I need one badly
  6. [QUOTE='03GTinFLA]I think I shart my pants with that one. :lol:[/QUOTE]

    Yep Texas Speed and Performance in lubbock TX has one runs 7s :nice:
  7. Test drive them back to back and make your decision. Better be Cobra or don't come back :nonono:
  8. 03/04 snake...with a few mild mods and you'll be all set. :cheers:
  9. get whatever, just do your homework, insurance quotes, ect.

    the cobra's are very addicting. ive had mine like 4 months now, and there is already support mods coming for my whipple.

    most fun car ive ever driven, completely tame driving normally and quiet. quick stomp of the pedal and you feel the power and the sound comes to life.
  10. It really sucks that there arent any decent priced cobra's in my area, cheapest is 27k for a maroon vert. I found a couple down south but i dont know if i want to drive a couple hundred miles for them to say good try and make me leave with my gt.
  11. first, you need to see how much a dealer locally will give for trade-in. then go off that for numbers, i bet the number will suprise you (low).

    then, look into loan's, who will approve you, interest rate, payments. then insurance. lastly, gotta find the right car.

    dont go into it stupid, just to get the car, and show "you can pay for it".
  12. ive went to dealerships before and ive been offered between 8500(lowest) and 12500(highest). I know i can get approved because my parents told me that they will put the car in mystepdads name and mine on the title and i just make the payments. The only reason for doing this is because my insurance is 1200 with just me on it and if it was full coverage on his name it would be less than 100 a month. which i would pay myself. I did find a 03 mach 1 with 48k for 20grand, but i think thats a little high.
  13. good luck with it..

    that is way too high i think for the mach, especially with those miles. shoot for a cobra around 25k, with low miles.
  14. Who knows how bad of a diver the guy in the stang is, also, those omni's are no joke. I knew someone, a while back, 6-7 years ago, who had one, very quick. Junk motor or not, they're freakin fast, especially for it's day. Wow, what a forgotten little rocket.
  15. Guy in town i lived 2 years ago had one. he spent assload of money in it(like perfect paint job and rim, and engine and such), and was fast. Omni's were SRT-4 of the 80's man..

    Still its omio tho...:nonono: