05 GT or LS1. Which One?

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  1. I am selling my '99 GT and considering either an 05 GT or a '99 LS1 Trans Am (stock). The T/A is $11,500.00 with 50K miles, auto and when we G-Tech'd got 13.4 byt we couldn't G-Tech the GT because the dealer came for the test drive :(

    Anyways, I'm leaning towards the LS1 because of the price and power. I've been spanked by every LS1 I've ever raced, so I know first hand the insane power they have.

    On the other hand the '05 GT is brand new, will last longer but costs almost three times as much as the LS1.

    What shoudl I do?
  2. Go for the 05 Stang!! I'm sure you'll get a lot of responses like this one on this forum (smile).

  3. If you are looking for power then buy the LS1. While the 4.6 can make huge power, it can not survive in stock form (I'd say 525-550 fwhp max). So thats were I see the only advantage.

    Now the question is do you want a good car? If you want a good car then the Mustang is your choice. Every single Camaro I've ever been in felt like it was going to fall apart at any moment. This new Mustang is so much more rigid and quiet that at times you forget it's a Mustang.

    In the end it's up to you and what you really want. Asking other people will only make the decision more complicated. Good luck !!

    Thanks Mike
  4. You really have to decide what you want to do with your car
    The new O5 GT has a tremedous amount of potential and very nice styling and should last you a long time as you you can continually update both the performance and the styling - these attributes are only going to get better as time goes on.

    However it will not make as much power as the LS1. That being said though the GT seem to be a very stable platform and can handle quite well and has a much stiffer chassis than the LS1. I personally an very pleased with my 05 but am a little dissapointed with the power output but I am going to fix that with the addition of a positive displacement S/C in the very near future.

    I have owned several Firebirds and Camaros in the past but have never driven one that feels as tight as my Saleen

    Just my $.02
  5. Is this going to be a dedicated race/drag car, a daily driver, or a combo car? That would help your decision!
  6. but what is all comes down to is what you want. Nobody here can really make that decision but you.

    But if it were me, I would go with a black 05 GT. :D
  7. You could buy a very low mileage 03/04 Cobra for the price of a new Mustang GT. :nice: A Mach too for that matter, I've taken 3 fbodies stock.
  8. Go for the GT. No, go for the LS1. No, go for the GT. No, go for the LS1. NO WAY - Go for the Shelby GT 500. Yah, thats it - if you have the need for power and/or speed!
  9. If you are going for a Cobra expect to pay a little more than what a new GT costs. Used Cobras seem to be selling for about as much as the loaded GTs or striper Verts. Machs are nice too, but this subject has been beat to death in other threads. Performance wise I don't think they are much different than the new GTs, except they probably have more potential. Plus, if you don't like the SN95's body style (like me) then neither of these options look too good.
  10. I would personally go for the 05 GT. The GT is so much of a Tighter car in most aspects. It handles and drives so much nicer then an LS1. If all you want is drag performance go for the LS1, but if your somewhat like me, and you like driving through twisty deserted roads, or can't stand body roll, shaking, and all that other good stuff that comes with an LS1 then thats your car. The LS1 is kinda an obese sports car if you think about it, it makes a mustang feel like a Go-Cart
  11. I had a 02 LS1 t/a (flowmaster cat back and KNN filter) for about a year and now I have a stock 05 GT. There are several differences that I have noticed between the two cars:

    1. The LS1 had a better throttle response. When I punched it I couldn't lean forward in the seat until about 3rd gear. My 05 doesn't do that to me, but I know that much of that can be fixed with a tune and gears.

    2. When cornering at high speeds, I felt that the LS1 car was less likely to lose traction and spin out than my 05. But cornering is definately more fun with the 05. Dont konw if that makes sense, but its my observation from driving the two cars.

    3. The body tightness is where the 05 really takes the LS1 to school. Our T/A really developed a lot of squeaks and rattles and had a lot of road noise on the inside. The 05 seems like a very very tight car. Road noise is considerably less, ride is much smoother, I dont have the squeaks and rattles, and the smoother ride is a bonus.

    4. Look. This will probably change from person to person, but I like the lines and styling of the 05 much better. They did the retro styling just right in my opinion. After the newness wore off of the LS1 I kind of felt like I was riding in the batmobile.

    Its really all in what you want. Like posters above have said, if you want a straight ahead car with power to spare go with the LS1. If you like the style of the 05, less cabin noise, something that is a funner daily driver - go with the 05 GT.

    Personally, If I had to choose between the two I'd take the 05GT. But I am not all about raw power. My cars have to get up and go, but they also have to be comfortable and stylish.
  12. As a note one of my best friends owns a 98 or 99 ls1 TA another buddy just bought his wife an 05 stang. Both are automatic transmissions.

    They did a little stop light derby to 90mph. According to my TA buddy he got about half a car length on the take off due to his superior traction (305's in the rear) they maintained this position through out the run. My buddy in his wifes Stang said he felt the TA was starting to pull on him at the end.

    Mustang is stock. TA has some exhaust mods, stiffer springs and big giant meats in the back.

    I had told both of them that the TA should pretty much smoke the stang. Glad to be proven wrong. Some gears, exhaust and chip and these stangs should be able to consistantly run with the big dogs out there in a much tighter, nicer package.

    That is the way I'd go.....No wait I put a deposit on the new GT500. Yeah, THAT'S THE WAY I'D GO.