05 GT reflashed...

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  1. With flowmasters....anyone out here have just this? and raced an ls1?
  2. No Flowmasters here, see sig, raced a 01 z the other day fender to fender up to 100 when I guess his speed limiter kicked in and I walked his $ss to 140:lol:
  3. As usual can give the driver could make the difference answer. My 99 z 6MT ran a 13.15 stock with practice launching. Stock s197(mine should be in very soon!) 13.4-???. The flows will give you little to no power increase(people replacing axelbacks for sound only, GOOD REASON!). The Z has a 5.7, we have a 4.6, good luck. IMO they will never look as cool! Those LS1s are fast.
  4. Mmmmm. You raced an LT1, because with those mod's, even a stock LS1 is going to take an '05 on the highway. Numbers don't lie.