05 GT Should Come With The Following Warning!!!

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 S-197 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by jerseygirl, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. Warning: As an owner of this vehicle you may experience long periods of nonproductivity for daily tasks

    First semi dry day here in Jersey today. Out of my 10 waking hours so far today I've spent aprox. 7 of them in the new pony :D . I did have a list of about 8 things that I needed to get done today.....I accomplished 2! Oh well there's always tomorrow......MAYBE :rlaugh:
  2. I completely understand :D Im glad your enjoying your 05 as much as me :nice: :nice: :nice:
  3. I am trying to get my computer installed into my car with the internet so I dont have to get out to make these posts...JK, I know what you mean though I just picked up my car this morning and have spent the several past hours just cruising around doing the cheesy Cali thing (rain stopped just in time). I cant get enough, I love this car. Well I am off to work, so back to the stang. Have fun.
  4. :rlaugh:
    The amount of time and gas I wasted in college cruising with 3 Mustangs (my roomates) was ridiculous.
  5. May cause other vehicles to crash as the driver tries figuring out what you're driving.

    That's my warning for ya. :p
  6. I wish I was dealing with your problems jersey, must be nice to be out tooling around getting nothing done in a brand new 05'
  7. LOL.....it's soooo true! There were people out on the road today that actually were dangerous! I've read this in other posts but didn't really believe it. When they see the car it's almost like the forget they're driving and need to watch where they're going. They're looking at the car instead of where they're going. One poor guy hit the curb today because he turned the corner and continued to check out my car instead of looking where he was going....I couldn't help it, I just cracked up :rlaugh: Drive one of these cars around and you definately get the "rock star syndrome".
  8. Are you an owner in waiting?????
  9. I am...mine was built last week and I can't wait to have your problems. :p :nice:
  10. It's sooo worth the wait....you'll see!
  11. Just wanting one soooooo bad, lookin for a X plan to help with price
  12. I believe you. :) It Should be here soon...been a while.....but I'm handleing it. :rolleyes: HAVE FUN :D
  13. I have an extra x plan if your interested?
  14. Alright, this has now been two nights in a row! I pulled into Burger King's drive thru (they have the two lane thing there) after work to get some food to take home (NO! I don't eat in the car) and people both nights actually drove through the other lane while I was ordering just to look at the car. This car sure is an ego-booster! LMAO
  15. How many X-Plans can you have?