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  1. Yea I saw it. I have been spending alot of time on the 05 board,but I don't normally get involved in the "which car is better or the my car is better then your..." type threads
  2. I cannot believe how quickly those idiots are willing to discard the past and call anything old "junk".

    A true mustang enthusiast or even someone with moderate respect for the Mustang would not call the 03/04 Cobra Junk. Or any other Cobra for that matter.

    Really makes me wonder who's buying those cars. :shrug:
  3. I'll line up against an 05 any day of the week and twice on the weekends....I don't like the way the 05s look...just my .02
  4. The new mustang is quite nice. Still, many of the comments are more than a bit out of line. It reminds me of some of the old Mach I verses 99 and 01 cobra threads. Seems more than a bit unrealistic.
  5. i have a 99 with milds mods and i can already tell you an 05 will get dealt with. Lined up against an 03-04 it's not even worth discussing. :notnice:
  6. It seems the 05s will be tough from a dig. I think we are seeing a lot of sub 2.0 60 foot time from these machines. A Mach may be able to handle this, but an IRS NA cobra will have some trouble matching this time.
  7. its not the start of the race that matters so much as who finishes first and a 03-04 cobra isnt going to have a problem.
  8. I had a friend ask me today if I was going to trade in '03 Cobra for and '05 GT because they look better and are just as fast....he heard this from a non-SVT Ford dealer. I'm not a huge fan of the '05...but I will have to get used to it sooner or later cause that's the future, anyway, I told him notta! They might be able to hang thru first and part of second gear but then it's lights out and that's on a stock Cobra!!!
  9. I went back and forth between getting an 05 or an 04 Cobra, and the Cobra won just due to what is under the hood and the hole drivetrain really. Not sure about that whole 3 valve thing for one, plus the 04 Cobra is the second baddest mustang ever. First in my opinion is the BOSS 429, but don't think I will ever get one of them, but wouldn't trade my cobra for anything. As far as speed, played with one, not even close. And I have yet to do anything other than K&N and exhaust. The 05's are pretty, but until the next cobra comes out, I don't think that they can compare.
  10. I think I'll wonder on over to the 05' forums and start messing with them, just like I do when i'm out driving. Cat playing with a mouse. :nice:
  11. Yea, one tool over there is saying Terminators look "feminine" and they won't be collector's items. I'd say these 05 GT guys are getting too big for their britches.

    Those cars are kind of rare right now, but I'm sure Ford will make every dime they can off of them. There will be one at every stop light in town in a few years.

    This debate is getting old... and it's more stupid than the Mach 1 vs. Cobra debates. At least the Mach 1's are rare.
  12. I am being confused by individuals assuming the Boss 429 was faster than the 03/04 Cobra.

    It was not. It ran 13.7 in the quarter in factory trim.

    Ford marketed the 03 Cobra as the Most Powerful Factory Mustang Ever.

    This car will never get it's due with some people.

    Boss 429....AWESOME. Not the baddest though.
    Technology is a wonderful thing. :D
  13. I think most of them over there are pissed that they have the newest Mustang out there and they are still slower than the older stock Cobras… and they won’t get as fast as the older Cobras that are modded unless they dump some serious ass cash into the car.

    Most of them are SN95 bashing just to do it… and I was able to overlook it for a while, but now it’s pissing me off.

    I feel sorry for any 05 GT's I see on the street that want to play, because now I have a reason to hand their ass to them.
  14. :cheers:
  15. i think the 05 i beat the other day was pretty pissed :)
  16. :cheers:
  17. :lol: You and me both my good man. :spot:
  18. Hello my fellow mustang owners, I do share your sediment about the 05' guys, the Cobra is a timeless classic, I must admitt that do like the new pony it is sleek and sophicated, but I do have one question for you, would you buy the 07 Cobra when it comes out in the S197 body, or are you just impartial to the SN95 style? I will tell you this, I cant wait to see what the 07 snake will look like, I havent as of yet even seen pics, but know this, when the Snake is out in 07' how many 05' guys will want it.

    Lots of love for the Mustang
  19. As stated earleir, it is important to realize that in a few years....the new mustang GT will be a dime a dozen on the road. The cobra will never be as prevelant on the streets. The cobra is a limited production classic, and should always get the respect it deserves.
    I picked up a 98 Cobra this last summer, and I can truly say that I have only seen three other 96-98 cobras on the roads here in minnesota ever since I have owned mustangs (6 years).

    For certain 05 GT owners to turn a cold shoulder to previous mustangs is pure ignorance. Those type of people don't understand the commorodory (spelling?) and unspoken friendships that can come with being a true mustang enthusiast. **ck them!
    I don't care what's faster....Cobras RULE!!!